Classification of Human Transcription Factors
- Draft October 05, 2018 -
This classification is the working version that may be subject to occasional changes, suggested for discussion. A more robust version with a more flexible visualization has been made available using Jürgen Dönitz' OBA server (click here). Moreover, it is also accessible in and used by the geneXplain platform. Also available is the classification of the orthologous murine TFs.

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Class description: TRANSFAC® class descriptions; Class description: new class descriptions; Further information: additional information about the class and its members (see below);
UniProt: Link to UniProt; ProteinAtlas, ProteinAtlas: links to Protein Atlas, to items without / with antibody characterization, resp.
"Txxxxx": TRANSFAC accession numbers, mostly linked to BIOBASE Knowledge Library (BKL); "T" only provides a link to a BKL entry that has no TRANSFAC accession yet.
UniProt: Reviewed UniProt entry of the corresponding mouse orthologs (Genus level only)
UniProt:Non-reviewed UniProt entry of the corresponding mouse orthologs (Genus level only)
UniProt: Reviewed UniProt entries of the corresponding rat orthologs (Genus level only)
UniProt: Non-reviewed UniProt entries of the corresponding rat orthologs (Genus level only)
PDB: Link to PDB; preferably to a complex of the corresponding DNA-binding domain (DBD) with DNA, provisionally the DBD alone, referring to the human or a mammalian ortholog; for a few exceptions, illustrative structures of fungal homologs are linked.
Additional information:
The question mark in the Class title line links to the class description, the sequences of the manually adjusted DNA-binding domains of this respective class and their alignments, logo plots and, whenever relevant, further information like dimerization matrices etc.
DNA sequence patterns:
The DNA sequences assigned to many families or subfamilies represent typical or proven individual binding sequences for (some of) the domains in the respective taxon. They should not be taken as a consensus, and they are not suitable for predicting potential TF binding sites.
The logo plots after many TF genera have been derived from the profile library published by the group of J. Taipale at Karolinska Institute (Jolma et al., Cell 152, 327-339 (2013); PubMed 23332764) and were kindly provided by P. Stegmaier (geneXplain GmbH). Each of these plots is linked to an htm file with all matrices for this factor, human and mouse, that were given by Jolma et al., one of them being selected for the logo plot. The individual matrices are given a unique ID, comprising the gene symbol of the factor and an alphanumeric specification of the respective matrix, which may be either a consecutive number, or may have an additional "m" to indicate monomeric factor binding mode, "d" for dimers, or "dd" for dimers of dimers bound to the respective sequence patterns. For further explanation of the information provided with each matrix, kindly refer to the original publication.
Wingender, E., Schoeps, T. and Dönitz, J.: TFClass: An expandable hierarchical classification of human transcription factors. Nucleic Acids Res. 41, D165-D170 (2013). doi: 10.1093/nar/gks1123 (Link)
Further comments:
This classification contains a number of additional single TFs (|CREBRF,|TCF-24,|USF-3,|TAF1L) as well as some new higher-order taxa (Subfamilies, and; Family 0.0.7; Classes 0.5 and 0.6) with all subsumed members. Mad5 as bHLH factor (before was made the so far only member of a new subfamily ( and thus became; because of this extraction from subfamily, the latter had to be re-named to Mad1-like factors (before: Mad-like factors). Some zinc finger proteins were re-assigned ( -->; -->, a few TFs were found by UniProt to be obsolete (|DUX2,|FOXD4L2). .
This is a preliminary draft version, some more rearrangements are about to come!
1 Superclass: Basic domains TRANSFAC class description  
  1.1 Class: Basic leucine zipper factors (bZIP) TRANSFAC class description Further information  
  1.1.1 Family: Jun-related factors TGAGTCA Subfamily: Jun factors TGAGTCA c-Jun   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00133 UniProt UniProt PDB JunB   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01977 UniProt UniProt JunD   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01978 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NF-E2-like factors GCTGAGTCA NF-E2 p45 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09484 UniProt UniProt NF-E2L1 (NRF1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09066 UniProt UniProt NF-E2L1, isoform 1   UniProt   T19117 NF-E2L1, isoform 2   UniProt   T01442 NF-E2L2 (NRF2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01443 UniProt UniProt NF-E2L2, isoform 1   UniProt   T09645 NF-E2L2, isoform 2   UniProt   T10936 NF-E2L2, isoform 3   UniProt NF-E2L3 (NRF3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05709 UniProt UniProt BACH1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09252 UniProt UniProt BACH2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04795 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ATF-2-like factors TGACGTCA ATF-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T10136 UniProt UniProt PDB ATF-2, isoform 1   UniProt   T00167 ATF-2, isoform 2   UniProt   T10202 ATF-2, isoform 3   UniProt   T27952 ATF-2, isoform 4   UniProt   T28813 ATF-2, isoform 5   UniProt   T28814 ATF-2, isoform 6   UniProt   T30264 ATF-2, isoform 7   UniProt   T30265 ATF-2, isoform 8 (ATF2-small)   UniProt   T30266 ATF-7 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18797 UniProt UniProt ATF-A, isoform 1   UniProt   T00053 ATF-Aδ, isoform 2   UniProt   T18799 ATF-A1, isoform 3   UniProt   T18798 ATF-7A0, isoform 4   UniProt   T23525 ATF-7 (ATF-4), isoform 5   UniProt   T26031 ATF-7, isoform 6   UniProt   T00052 CREB-5 (CRE-BPa) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01308 UniProt UniProt CREB-5α, isoform 1   UniProt   T09550 CREB-5β, isoform 2   UniProt   T18879 CREB-5γ, isoform 3   UniProt   T18877 CREB-5δ, isoform 4   UniProt   T18878  
  1.1.2 Family: Fos-related factors (TGAGTCA) Subfamily: Fos factors (TGAGTCA) c-Fos   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00123 UniProt UniProt PDB c-Fos, isoform 1   UniProt   T08776 c-Fos, isoform 2   UniProt   T31647 c-Fos, isoform 3   UniProt   T31648 FosB   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08993 UniProt UniProt FosB, isoform 1   UniProt   T05984 FosB, isoform 2   UniProt   T27984 FosB, isoform 3   UniProt   T31638 FosB, isoform 4   UniProt   T31639 FosB, isoform 5   UniProt   T31640 FosB, isoform 6   UniProt   T31641 FosB, isoform 7   UniProt   T31642 FosB, isoform 8   UniProt   T31643 FosB, isoform 9   UniProt   T31644 FosB, isoform 10   UniProt   T31645 Fra-1 (FosL1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01462 UniProt UniProt Fra-1, isoform 1   UniProt   T08989 Fra-1, isoform 2   UniProt   T31646 Fra-2 (FosL2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01991 UniProt UniProt Fra-2, isoform 1   UniProt   T08990 Fra-2, isoform 2   UniProt   T26119 Fra-2, isoform 3   UniProt   T26120 Subfamily: ATF-3-like factors TGACGTCA ATF-3   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09553 UniProt UniProt ATF-3, isoform 1   UniProt   T01313 ATF-3ΔZIP, isoform 2   UniProt   T23514 ATF-3ΔZIP2a / ATF-3ΔZIP2b, isoform 3   UniProt   T26393 ATF-3ΔZIP2c, isoform 4   UniProt   T26394 ATF-3, isoform 5   UniProt   T28815 JDP-2 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19032 UniProt UniProt JDP-2, isoform 1   UniProt   T19031 JDP-2, isoform 2   UniProt   T28853  
  1.1.3 Family: Maf-related factors TGCTGACTCAGCA Subfamily: Large Maf factors TGCTGACTCAGCA c-Maf   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05749 UniProt UniProt c-Maf, isoform 1   UniProt   T09648 c-Maf, isoform 2   UniProt   T19051 MafA   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08225 UniProt UniProt MafB UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05748 UniProt UniProt PDB Nrl UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01082 UniProt UniProt Nrl, isoform 1   UniProt   T09336 Nrl, isoform 2   UniProt   T31678 Subfamily: Small Maf factors TGCTGACTCAGCA MafF UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05747 UniProt UniProt MafF, isoform 1   UniProt   T14766 MafF, isoform 2   UniProt   T26440 MafG UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04870 UniProt UniProt MafK UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04874 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.4 Family: B-ATF-related factors TGAGTCA B-ATF   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18809 UniProt UniProt B-ATF-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T22480 UniProt UniProt B-ATF-2, isoform 1   UniProt   T25878 B-ATF-2, isoform 2   UniProt   T25879 B-ATF-3 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18805 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.5 Family: XBP-1-related factors GGATGACGTGTACA XBP-1 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00902 UniProt UniProt XBP-1U   UniProt   T08699 XBP-1S   UniProt   T08700  
  1.1.6 Family: ATF-4-related factors TGACGTCA ATF-4 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01303 UniProt UniProt ATF-5   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04877 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.7 Family: CREB-related factors TGACGTCA Subfamily: CREB-like factors TGACGTCA CREB (CREB1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08562 UniProt UniProt PDB CREB-A   UniProt   T00163 CREB-B   UniProt   T00166 htCREB, isoform 3   UniProt   T26403 ATF-1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00968 UniProt UniProt ATF-1, isoform 1   UniProt   T09069 ATF-1, isoform 2   UniProt   T31618 CREM   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09585 UniProt UniProt CREM, isoform 1 (CREM-BCEFGγHIβ   UniProt   T24055 CREM-β, isoform 2 (CREM-BCEFGHIβ)   UniProt   T23515 CREM-τ, isoform 3 (CREM-BCEFGIα)   UniProt   T23516 CREM-γ, isoform 4 (CREM-BEFHIb)   UniProt   T23517 CREM-ϑ2τ-γ, isoform 5 (CREM-ϑ2EFGHIb)   UniProt   T23518 ICER-I, isoform 6 (IcerγHIα)   UniProt   T23519 ICER-Iγ, isoform 7 (IcerHIα)   UniProt   T23520 ICER-II, isoform 8 (IcerγHIβ)   UniProt   T24011 ICER-IIγ, isoform 9 (IcerHIβ)   UniProt   T24012 CREM-ϑ1τ2β, isoform 10 (CREM-ϑ1EFGHIβ)   UniProt   T24013 CREM-ϑ1β, isoform 11 (CREM-ϑ1EFHIβ)   UniProt   T24014 CREM-ϑ2β, isoform 12 (CREM-ϑ2EFHIb)   UniProt   T24015 CREM, isoform 13 (CREM-BEFGγHIβ)   UniProt   T24016 CREM-τ2γ, isoform 14 (CREM-BEFGHIβ)   UniProt   T24017 CREM, isoform 15 (CREM-BGHIβ)   UniProt   T24018 CREM-ΔC-G, isoform 16 (CREM-BγHIβ)   UniProt   T24019 CREM, isoform 17 (CREM-BHIβ)   UniProt   T24020 CREM, isoform 18 (CREM-BHIα)   UniProt   T24021 CREM-ϑ1τ2γ, isoform 19 (CREM-ϑ1EFGγHIβ)   UniProt   T24022 CREM, isoform 20   UniProt   T26405 CREM, isoform 21   UniProt   T26407 CREM, isoform 22   UniProt   T26406 CREM, isoform 23   UniProt   T27960 CREM, isoform 24   UniProt   T28822 CREM, isoform 25   UniProt   T28823 CREM, isoform 26   UniProt   T28824 CREM, isoform 27   UniProt   T28825 CREM, isoform 28   UniProt   T28826 CREM, isoform 29   UniProt   T28827 Subfamily: CREB-3-like factors TGACGTCA CREB-3 (Luman) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T17586 UniProt UniProtF CREB-3, isoform 1   UniProt   T18872 LZIP, isoform 2 (UP: isof. 1)   UniProt   T18873 sLZIP, isoform 3 (UP: isof. 2)   UniProt   T26404 CREB-3L1 (OASIS) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18852 UniProt UniProt CREB-3L1, isoform 1   UniProt   T18851 CREB-3L1, isoform 2   UniProt   T23521 CREB-3L2 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19891 UniProt UniProt CREB-3L2, isoform 1   UniProt   T19890 CREB-3L2, isoform 2   UniProt   T19893 CREB-3L2, isoform 3   UniProt   T19892 CREB-3L3 (CREB-H)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18859 UniProt UniProt CREB-3L3, isoform 1   UniProt   T18858 CREB-3L3, isoform 2   UniProt   T23522 CREB-3L3, isoform 3   UniProt   T30887 CREB-3L3, isoform 4   UniProt T31628 CREB-3L4   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18865 UniProt UniProt CREB-3L4, isoform 1   UniProt   T18864 CREB-3L4, isoform 2   UniProt   T27959 Subfamily: ATF-6 factors TGACGTGG ATF-6α   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04742 UniProt UniProt ATF-6β   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18793 UniProt UniProt ATF-6β, isoform 1   UniProt   T18792 ATF-6β, isoform 2   UniProt   T18794 Subfamily: CREBZF-like factors TGACGTCA CREBZF (Zhangfei, ZF)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27189 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: CREBL2-like factors TGACGTCA CREBL2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19895 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.8 Family: C/EBP-related ATTGCGCAAT Subfamily: C/EBP ATTGCGCAAT C/EBPα   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00105 UniProt UniProt PDB C/EBPα, isoform 1   UniProt   T08465 C/EBPα, isoform 2   UniProt   T32071 C/EBPα, isoform 3   UniProt   T32072 C/EBPα, isoform 4   UniProt   T32398 C/EBPβ (NF-IL6-1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00581 UniProt UniProt PDB C/EBPβ, isoform 1 (C/EBPβ-FL)   UniProt   T06595 C/EBPβ, isoform 2 (C/EBPβ-LAP)   UniProt   T09294 C/EBPβ, isoform 3 (C/EBPβ-LIP)   UniProt   T06596 C/EBPγ UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04884 UniProt UniProt C/EBPδ UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00583 UniProt UniProt C/EBPε UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04883 UniProt UniProt DDIT3 (CHOP-10)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01387 UniProt UniProt DDIT3, isoform 1   UniProt   T09526 DDIT3, isoform 2   UniProt   T28830 Subfamily: PAR factors TTATGCAA DBP UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04875 UniProt UniProt HLF UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01071 UniProt UniProt HLF, isoform 1   UniProt HLF, isoform 2   UniProt TEF UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19307 UniProt UniProt TEF, isoform 1   UniProt   T19306 TEF, isoform 2   UniProt   T26333 NF-IL3 (E4BP4) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01428 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: CREBRF-like factors CREBRF UniProt  ProteinAtlas T UniProt UniProt CREBRF, isoform 1   UniProt   T CREBRF, isoform 1   UniProt   T CREBRF, isoform 1   UniProt   T  
  1.1.0 Family: ZIP only Subfamily: TSC22 TSC22D1 (TSC-22, Cerebral protein 2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27178 UniProt UniProt TSC22D1, isoform 1   UniProt   T27901 TSC22D1, isoform 2   UniProt   T27177 TSC22D1, isoform 3   UniProt   T27315 TSC22D1, isoform 4   UniProt   T28038 TSC22D2 (TILZ4)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27317 UniProt UniProt TSC22D2, isoform 1 (TILZ4a, TILZ4c)   UniProt   T27316 TSC22D2, isoform 2 (TILZ4b)   UniProt   T27318 TSC22D3 (DSIPI, GILZ)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T UniProt UniProt TSC22D3, isoform 1   UniProt   T27186 TSC22D3, isoform 2   UniProt   T27188 TSC22D3, isoform 3   UniProt   T27947 TSC22D4 (TILZ2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27232 UniProt UniProt TSC22D4, isoform 1   UniProt   T27883 TSC22D4, isoform 2   UniProt   T31705 Subfamily: UTF UTF1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27333 UniProt UniProt  
  1.2 Class: Basic helix-loop-helix factors (bHLH) TRANSFAC class description Further information  
  1.2.1 Family: E2A-related factors CAGGTG E2A (TCF-3, ITF-1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T15605 UniProt UniProt PDB E12 (PAN-2)   UniProt   T00204 E47 (PAN-1)   UniProt   T00207 ITF-1       T00432 SEF2 (E2-2, TCF-4, ITF-2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00433 UniProt UniProt SEF2-1B (B−)   UniProt   T09059 SEF2-1A (A+)   UniProt   T19023 SEF2-1D (B+)   UniProt   T19024 SEF2, isoform B+δ   UniProt   T26522 SEF2, isoform B−δ   UniProt   T26523 SEF2, isoform A−   UniProt   T26524 SEF2, isoform G−   UniProt   T26525 SEF2, isoform H−   UniProt   T26526 SEF2, isoform D−   UniProt   T27992 SEF2, isoform F−   UniProt   T27993 SEF2, isoform 11   UniProt   T27994 SEF2, isoform E−   UniProt   T28851 SEF2, isoform 13   UniProt   T28852 SEF2, isoform C−   UniProt   T30283 SEF2, isoform C−δ   UniProt SEF2, isoform I−   UniProt HTF-4 (TCF-12, HEB)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01503 UniProt UniProt HTF-4a, isoform 1   UniProt   T09514 HTF-4b, isoform 2   UniProt   T26149 HTF-4c, isoform 3   UniProt   T26150 HTF-4c, isoform 4   UniProt   T32081  
  1.2.2 Family: MyoD / ASC-related factors CAGGTG Subfamily: Myogenic transcription factors MyoD   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00525 UniProt UniProt PDB Myogenin (Myf-4)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00520 UniProt UniProt Myf-5   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00521 UniProt UniProt Myf-6 (MRF4) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00522 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Achaete-Scute-like factors ASH-1 (ASCL1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21922 UniProt UniProt ASH-2 (ASCL2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23527 UniProt UniProt ASH-3 (ASCL3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19841 UniProt UniProt ASH-4 (ASCL4)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19845 UniProt UniProt ASH-5 (ASCL5)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21452 UniProt UniProt  
  1.2.3 Family: Tal-related factors CAGCTG Subfamily: Tal / HEN-like factors CAGCTG Tal-1 (SCL, TCL-5)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19290 UniProt UniProt PDB PP42-Tal-1   UniProt   T00790 PP39-Tal-1   UniProt   T19289 PP22-Tal-1   UniProt   T01448 Tal-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01630 UniProt UniProt Lyl-1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01632 UniProt UniProt HEN1 (NSCL-1, NHLH1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01654 UniProt UniProt HEN2 (NSCL-2, NHLH2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01656 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Twist-like factors CGTCTG Twist-1 (H-Twist, M-Twist)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04913 UniProt UniProt Twist-2 (Dermo-1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05820 UniProt UniProt HAND-1 (eHAND, Th1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04373 UniProt UniProt HAND-2 (dHAND)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04374 UniProt UniProt HAND-2, isoform 1   UniProt   T09647 HAND-2, isoform 2   UniProt   T31772 bHLH-EC2 (TCF-15)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01637 UniProt UniProt Scx   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19230 UniProt UniProt PTF-1a   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T17051 UniProt UniProt FIGα UniProt  ProteinAtlas T15609 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Mesp-like factors Mesp-1 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20011 UniProt UniProt Mesp-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20015 UniProt UniProt TCF-23   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23529 UniProt UniProt ABF-1 (Musculin, MyoR, MSC) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04902 UniProt UniProt Pod-1 (TCF-21) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04912 UniProt UniProt Mesogenin-1 (MSGN1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20024 UniProt UniProt TCF-24   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Neurogenin / Atonal-like factors CAGCTG NeuroD1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04546 UniProt UniProt PDB NeuroD2 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04903 UniProt UniProt NeuroD4 (ATH-3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20044 UniProt UniProt NeuroD6 (ATH-2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19116 UniProt UniProt NGN-1 (NeuroD3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04907 UniProt UniProt NGN-2 (Atoh4, NeuroG2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19133 UniProt UniProt NGN-3 (Atoh5, NeuroG3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T06057 UniProt UniProt ATH-1 (ATOH-1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04544 UniProt UniProt ATH-5 (ATOH-7)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18801 UniProt UniProt ATH-6 (ATOH-8)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19849 UniProt UniProt ATH-6, isoform 1   UniProt   T19848 ATH-6, isoform 2   UniProt   T19850 bHLHe22 (Beta3) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23531 UniProt UniProt bHLHe23 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23533 UniProt UniProt OLIGO1 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05855 UniProt UniProt OLIGO2 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05841 UniProt UniProt OLIGO3 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20052 UniProt UniProt MIST1 (bHLHa15) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23535 UniProt UniProt Fer3L (Ferd3L)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19923 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: bHLHa9-like factors bHLHa9   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23537 UniProt UniProt  
  1.2.4 Family: Hairy-related factors CACGAG Subfamily: Hairy-like factors CACGAG HES-1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09895 UniProt UniProt PDB HES-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T06052 UniProt UniProt HES-2, isoform 1   UniProt   T23330 HES-2, isoform 2   UniProt   T23538 HES-3   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19980 UniProt UniProt HES-4   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19982 HES-5 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18963 UniProt UniProt HES-6   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23540 UniProt UniProt HES-6, isoform 1   UniProt   T23539 HES-6, isoform 2   UniProt   T23541 HES-6, isoform 3   UniProt   T25968 HES-6, isoform 4   UniProt   T31656 HES-7 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18967 UniProt UniProt HES-7, isoform 1   UniProt   T18966 HES-7, isoform 2   UniProt   T28841 HEY-1 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05085 UniProt UniProt HEY-1, isoform 1   UniProt   T10385 HEY-1, isoform 2   UniProt   T26139 HEY-2 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05084 UniProt UniProt HEYL   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05086 UniProt UniProt HELT   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19977 UniProt UniProt HELT, isoform 1   UniProt   T19976 HELT, isoform 2   UniProt   T19978 DEC1 (STRA-13, bHLHb2, bHLHe40) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05838 UniProt UniProt DEC2 (bHLHb3, bHLHe41) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05839 UniProt UniProt  
  1.2.5 Family: PAS domain factors CACGC Subfamily: Ahr-like factors CACGC AhR   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01795 UniProt UniProt PDB AhRR   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18742 UniProt UniProt PDB AhRR, isoform 1   UniProt   T18744 AhRR, isoform 2   UniProt   T18743 AhRR, isoform 3   UniProt   T18745 SIM1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T03729 UniProt UniProt SIM2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04910 UniProt UniProt SIM2, isoform 1   UniProt   T10271 SIM2, isoform 2   UniProt   T19234 HIF-1α   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01610 UniProt UniProt PDB HIF-1α, isoform 1   UniProt   T08994 HIF-1α, isoform 2   UniProt   T17446 HIF-1α, isoform 3 (I.3)   UniProt   T17446 HIF-3α   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18979 UniProt UniProt HIF-3α, isoform 1   UniProt   T18981 HIF-3α, isoform 2   UniProt   T18982 HIF-3α, isoform 3   UniProt   T18983 HIF-3α, isoform 4   UniProt   T18984 HIF-3α, isoform 5   UniProt   T18980 HIF-3α, isoform 6   UniProt   T18985 HIF-3α, isoform 7   UniProt   T26431 EPAS-1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02718 UniProt UniProt NPAS-1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04908 UniProt UniProt NPAS-1, isoform 1   UniProt NPAS-1, isoform 2   UniProt NPAS-3   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05873 UniProt UniProtF NPAS-3, isoform 1 (long form)   UniProt   T11089 NPAS-3, isoform 2   UniProt   T26216 NPAS-3, isoform 3 (NPAS3v)   UniProt   T26217 NPAS-3, isoform 4   UniProt   T26218 NPAS-3, isoform 5   UniProt   T26219 NPAS-3, isoform 6   UniProt   T26220 Subfamily: Arnt-like factors CACGTG Arnt (HIF-1β)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T10835 UniProt UniProt PDB Arnt long, isoform 1   UniProt   T01346 Arnt short, isoform 2   UniProt   T01796 Arnt, isoform 3   UniProt   T26029 Arnt, isoform 4   UniProt   T31617 Arnt-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05059 UniProt UniProt Arnt-2, isoform 1   UniProt   T18784 Arnt-2, isoform 2   UniProt   T14445 ArntL (BMAL1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02720 UniProt UniProt PDB BMAL1A   UniProt   T23542 BMAL1B   UniProt   T23998 BMAL1C   UniProt   T23543 BMAL1D   UniProt   T23544 BMAL1E   UniProt   T23545 BMAL1F   UniProt   T23546 MOP3   UniProt   T10258 BMAL1 / ArntL isoform 8   UniProt   T23547 BMAL1 / ArntL isoform 9   UniProt   T25612 ArntL2 (BMAL2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05872 UniProt UniProt BMAL2a   UniProt   T08306 BMAL2b   UniProt   T08307 BMAL2c   UniProt   T08308 BMAL2d   UniProt   T08309 CLIF, isoform 5   UniProt   T23548 BMAL2, isoform 6   UniProt   T23549 MOP9 long form, isoform 7   UniProt   T23550 MOP9 short form, isoform 8   UniProt   T23551 MOP9 short form, isoform 9   UniProt   T26847 CLOCK UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04891 UniProt UniProt PDB NPAS-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04909 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NCoA factors NCoA-1 (SRC-1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04632 UniProt UniProt SRC-1A   UniProt   T08256 SRC-1E   UniProt   T22417 SRC-1Q   UniProt   T22416 NCoA-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02483 UniProt UniProt NCoA-3   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04640 UniProt UniProt NCoA-3, isoform 1   UniProt   T22420 NCoA-3, isoform 2   UniProt   T22444 NCoA-3, isoform 3   UniProt   T22445 NCoA-3, isoform 4   UniProt   T22446 NCoA-3, isoform 5   UniProt   T22421 Subfamily: NPAS-4 CACGA NPAS-4   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T22467 UniProt UniProt NPAS-4, isoform 1   UniProt   T22466 NPAS-4, isoform 2   UniProt   T31672 Subfamily: SOHLH-like factors SOHLH1 (TEB2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20115 UniProt UniProt SOHLH1, isoform 1   UniProt   T20114 SOHLH1, isoform 2   UniProt   T23552 SOHLH2 (TEB1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19244 UniProt UniProt SOHLH2, isoform 1   UniProt   T19243 SOHLH2, isoform 2   UniProt   T23553 SOHLH2, isoform 3   UniProt   T26300 TCFL5 (Cha, E2BP-1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20143 UniProt UniProtF TCFL5, isoform 1   UniProt   T20145 TCFL5, isoform 2   UniProt   T20144 TCFL5, isoform 3   UniProt   T20142  
  1.2.6 Family: bHLH-ZIP factors CACATG Subfamily: TFE3-like factors CACATG TFE3 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00811 UniProt UniProt TFE3, isoform 1   UniProt   T10291 TFE3, isoform 2   UniProt   T31785 TFEB UniProt  ProteinAtlas T10290 UniProt UniProt TFEB, isoform 1   UniProt   T00812 TFEB, isoform 2   UniProt   T19334 TFEC UniProt  ProteinAtlas T06414 UniProt UniProt TFEC, isoform 1   UniProt   T14664 TFEC, isoform 2   UniProt   T23554 TFEC, isoform 3   UniProt   T23555 TFEC, isoform 4   UniProt   T23556 MiTF   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01553 UniProt UniProt MiTF, isoform A1   UniProt   T19060 MiTF, isoform A2   UniProt   T19064 MiTF, isoform B1   UniProt   T19062 MiTF, isoform B2   UniProt   T19063 MiTF, isoform C1   UniProt   T19061 MiTF, isoform C2   UniProt   T19059 MiTF, isoform H1   UniProt   T19057 MiTF, isoform H2   UniProt   T19058 MiTF, isoform M1   UniProt   T10289 MiTF, isoform M2   UniProt   T19056 MiTF, isoform Mdel   UniProt   T28009 MiTF, isoform 12   UniProt   T28865 Subfamily: USF factors CACGTG USF-1 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00874 UniProt UniProt PDB USF-1, isoform 1   UniProt   T09328 USF-1, isoform 2 (usf1-bd)   UniProt   T30337 USF-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00878 UniProt UniProt USF-2A   UniProt   T08313 USF-2AΔH   UniProt   T09580 USF-2B   UniProt   T02377 USF-2C       T19588 USF-3   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T UniProt UniProt USF-3, isoform 1   UniProt   T USF-3, isoform 2   UniProt   T Subfamily: SREBP factors ATCACCCCAC SREBP-1 (SREBF1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08912 UniProt UniProt PDB SREBP-1A   UniProt   T01556 SREBP-1B   UniProt   T01557 SREBP-1C   UniProt   T01558 SREBP-1, isoform 4   UniProt   T23557 SREBP-1, isoform 5 (SREBP-1aΔ)   UniProt   T30325 SREBP-1, isoform 6 (SREBP-1cΔ)   UniProt   T30326 SREBP-2 (SREBF2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01560 UniProt UniProt PDB SREBP-2, isoform 1   UniProt SREBP-2, isoform 2   UniProt Subfamily: AP-4 CAGCTG AP-4 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00036 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Myc / Max factors CACGTG c-Myc   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09998 UniProt UniProt PDB c-Myc, isoform 1   UniProt   T00140 c-Myc, isoform 2   UniProt   T03341 N-Myc   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02379 UniProt UniProt L-Myc-1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T11298 UniProt UniProt L-Myc-1, isoform 1   UniProt   T02385 L-Myc-1, isoform 2 (Short)   UniProt   T02386 L-Myc-1, isoform 3   UniProt L-Myc-2 (MYCLP1)   UniProt   T03539 Max UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05056 UniProt UniProt PDB Max Long, isoform 1   UniProt   T01567 Max Short, isoform 2   UniProt   T00489 ΔMax, isoform 3   UniProt   T01566 Max, isoform 4   UniProt   T26441 Max, isoform 5   UniProt   T26442 Max, isoform 6   UniProt   T30295 Subfamily: Mondo-like factors CACGTG Mlx UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05060 UniProt UniProt Mlxα   UniProt   T19090 Mlxβ   UniProt   T19091 Mlxγ   UniProt   T14948 MondoA (Mlx-IP)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19089 UniProt UniProt Mlx-IP, isoform 1   UniProt   T19086 Mlx-IP, isoform 2   UniProt   T19084 Mlx-IP, isoform 3   UniProt   T19085 Mlx-IP, isoform 4   UniProt   T19087 Mlx-IP, isoform 5   UniProt   T19088 MondoB (Mlx-IPL, WS-bHLH) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05121 UniProt UniProt WS-bHLHα, isoform 1   UniProt   T14592 WS-bHLHβ, isoform 2   UniProt   T23558 WS-bHLHγ, isoform 3   UniProt   T23559 WS-bHLHδ, isoform 4   UniProt   T23560 WS-bHLHε, isoform 5   UniProt   T23561 WS-bHLH, isoform 6   UniProt   T23562 Subfamily: Mad1-like factors CACGTG Mad1 (MXD1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01565 UniProt UniProt PDB Mad1, isoform 1   UniProt   T08331 Mad1, isoform 2   UniProt   T26439 Mad3 (MXD3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19044 UniProt UniProt Mad3, isoform 1   UniProt   T19043 Mad3, isoform 2   UniProt   T19045 Mad3, isoform 3   UniProt   T19046 Mad4 (MXD4)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19050 UniProt UniProt Mxi-1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01564 UniProt UniProt Mxi-1, isoform 1   UniProt   T09073 Mxi-1, isoform 2   UniProt   T23563 Mxi-1, isoform 3   UniProt   T23564 Mxi-1, isoform 4   UniProt   T26450 Mnt UniProt  ProteinAtlas T03268 UniProt UniProtF Subfamily: Mad5-like factors CACGTG Mad5 (MGA) =   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20017 UniProt UniProt Mad5, isoform 1   UniProt   T20016 Mad5, isoform 2   UniProt   T20018 Mad5, isoform 3   UniProt   T30298 Mad5, isoform 4   UniProt   T30299  
  1.2.8 Family: HLH domain only Id1   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T14419 UniProt UniProt Id1a   UniProt   T01801 Id1b   UniProt   T22465 Id2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01212 UniProt UniProt Id3   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09205 UniProt UniProt Id4 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T22493 UniProt UniProt  
  1.3 Class: Basic helix-span-helix factors (bHSH) TRANSFAC class description Further information  
  1.3.1 Family: AP-2 GCCTGAGGC AP-2α UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08146 UniProt UniProt AP-2αA, isoform 1   UniProt   T00035 AP-2α, isoform 2   UniProt   T26391 AP-2αB, isoform 4   UniProt   T02466 AP-2α, isoform 5   UniProt   T28812 AP-2β UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02467 UniProt UniProt AP-2β, isoform 1   UniProt   T10491 AP-2β, isoform 2   UniProt   T23565 AP-2γ UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02468 UniProt UniProt AP-2γ, isoform 1   UniProt   T09207 AP-2γ, isoform 2   UniProt   T31616 AP-2δ   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T16063 UniProt UniProt AP-2ε   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19673 UniProt UniProt  

2 Superclass: Zinc-coordinating DNA-binding domains TRANSFAC class description  
  2.1 Class: Nuclear receptors with C4 zinc fingers TRANSFAC class description Further information  
  2.1.1 Family: Steroid hormone receptors (NR3) Subfamily: GR-like receptors (NR3C) AGAACATGATGTTCT Glucocorticoid receptor (GR) (NR3C1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05076 UniProt UniProt PDB GRα, isoform α   UniProt   T00337 GRβ, isoform β   UniProt   T01920 GRα2, isoform α2   UniProt   T18948 GRβ2, isoform β2   UniProt   T18949 GR-Aα   UniProt   T23566 GR-Aβ   UniProt   T18950 GR-P   UniProt GRαB, isoform αB   UniProt   T23567 GRβB, isoform βB   UniProt   T23568 GRΔ313-338, isoform 10   UniProt   T26429 GRαC1, isoform αC1   UniProt   T34251 GRαC2, isoform αC2   UniProt   T34252 GRαC3, isoform αC3   UniProt   T34253 GRαD1, isoform αD1   UniProt   T34254 GRαD2, isoform αD2   UniProt   T34255 GRαD3, isoform αD3   UniProt   T34256 Mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) (NR3C2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00513 UniProt UniProt MR, isoform 1   UniProt   T08983 MR, isoform 2   UniProt   T19053 MR, isoform 3   UniProt   T19052 MR-δ, isoform 4   UniProt   T19054 Progesterone receptor (PR) (NR3C3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05742 UniProt UniProt PDB PR, isoform A   UniProt   T01661 PR, isoform B   UniProt   T00696 PR, isoform 3   UniProt   T28884 PR, isoform 4 (PR-M)   UniProt   T30318 PR, isoform 5 (δ4)   UniProt Androgen receptor (AR) (NR3C4) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00040 UniProt UniProt PDB AR-A, isoform 2   UniProt   T18763 AR-B, isoform 1   UniProt   T08487 AR3, isoform 3   UniProt   T33937 AR4, isoform 4   UniProt   T33938 Subfamily: ER-like receptors (NR3A&B) AGGTCACAGTGACCT Estrogen receptor α (ERα) (ESR1, NR3A1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00261 UniProt UniProt PDB ERα long, isoform 1   UniProt   T08300 ERα short, isoform 2   UniProt   T18904 ERα46, isoform 3   UniProt   T26104 ERα36, isoform 4   UniProt   T26105 Estrogen receptor β (ERβ) (NR3A2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08515 UniProt UniProt ERβ1, isoform 1   UniProt   T04651 ERβ2, isoform 2   UniProt   T05388 ERβ2A, isoform 3   UniProt   T05389 ERβ3, isoform 4   UniProt   T05390 ERβ4, isoform 5   UniProt   T05391 ERβ5, isoform 6   UniProt   T18907 ERβ5A, isoform 7   UniProt   T18908 ERβ6, isoform 8   UniProt   T18906 ERβ, isoform 9   UniProt   T31632 ERR1 (ERRα, ESRRA) (NR3B1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02765 UniProt UniProt ERR1, isoform 1   UniProt   T05682 ERR1, isoform 2   UniProt   T18903 ERR2 (ERRβ, ESRRB) (NR3B2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T14091 UniProt UniProt PDB ERRβ2δ10, isoform 1   UniProt   T24213 ERRβ, isoform 2   UniProt   T02766 ERRβshort, isoform 3   UniProt   T25841 ERR3 (ERRγ, ESRRG) (NR3B3) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T06121 UniProt UniProt ERR3, isoform 1   UniProt   T04645 ERR3, isoform 2   UniProt   T17262 ERR3, isoform 3   UniProt   T05255 ERR3, isoform 4   UniProt   T27977 ERR3, isoform 5   UniProt   T28833  
  2.1.2 Family: Thyroid hormone receptor-related factors (NR1) Subfamily: Retinoic acid receptors (NR1B) TGACCTTTGACCT RAR-α (NR1B1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05299 UniProt UniProt PDB RAR-α1   UniProt   T00719 RAR-α2   UniProt   T05298 RAR-α1-ΔBC   UniProt   T26480 RAR-β (NR1B2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00721 UniProt UniProt RAR-β1   UniProt   T08927 RAR-β2   UniProt   T01326 RAR-β3   UniProt   T19199 RAR-β4   UniProt RAR-γ (NR1B3) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00720 UniProt UniProt RAR-γ, isoform 1   UniProt   T01330 RAR-γ, isoform 2   UniProt   T23569 RAR-γ, isoform 3   UniProt   T26865 RAR-γ, isoform 4   UniProt   T26866 Subfamily: Thyroid hormone receptors (NR1A) TGACCTGAAATGACCT T3R-α (THRA) (NR1A1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00838 UniProt UniProt T3R-α1   UniProt   T01152 T3R-α2   UniProt   T01153 T3R-α3   UniProt   T17545 T3R-α4   UniProt   T17548 T3R-β (NR1A2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08264 UniProt UniProt PDB T3R-β1   UniProt   T00851 T3R-β2   UniProt   T04450 Subfamily: Rev-ErbA (NR1D) TGACCTAGTGACCT Rev-ErbAα (NR1D1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02746 UniProt UniProt Rev-ErbAβ (NR1D2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19134 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Vitamin D receptor (NR1I) TGACCTTCGTGACCT VDR (NR1I1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00885 UniProt UniProt PDB VDR, isoform 1   UniProt   T08482 VDR, isoform 2   UniProt   T28892 PXR (NR1I2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08949 UniProt UniProt PRR1-A   UniProt   T04617 PRR1-B   UniProt   T19136 PRR1-C   UniProt   T19137 PRR2-A   UniProt   T19138 PRR2-B   UniProt   T19139 PRR2-C   UniProt   T19140 PRR3   UniProt   T04641 CAR (NR1I3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02261 UniProt UniProt CAR, isoform 1   UniProt   T19141 CAR, isoform 2   UniProt   T08630 CAR, isoform 3   UniProt   T26462 CAR, isoform 4   UniProt   T26463 CAR, isoform 5   UniProt   T26464 CAR, isoform 6   UniProt   T26465 CAR, isoform 7   UniProt   T26466 CAR, isoform 8   UniProt   T26862 CAR, isoform 9   UniProt   T28017 CAR, isoform 10   UniProt   T28018 CAR, isoform 11   UniProt   T28019 CAR, isoform 12   UniProt CAR, isoform 13   UniProt CAR, isoform 14   UniProt CAR, isoform 15   UniProt Subfamily: PPAR (NR1C) TGACCTTTGACCT PPARα (NR1C1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02726 UniProt UniProt PPARα, isoform 1   UniProt   T08632 PPARα, isoform 2   UniProt   T30316 PPARβ (PPARδ) (NR1C2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02745 UniProt UniProt PDB PPARβ, isoform 1   UniProt   T08936 PPARβ, isoform 2   UniProt   T19191 PPARβ, isoform 3   UniProt   T26477 PPARβ, isoform 4   UniProt   T28027 PPARγ (NR1C3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05351 UniProt UniProt PDB PPARγ1(wt), isoform 1   UniProt   T02736 PPARγ2, isoform 2   UniProt   T26478 PPARγ1(tr), isoform 3   UniProt   T03731 Subfamily: ROR (NR1F) TGACCTACTTAT RORα (NR1F1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09566 UniProt UniProtF RORα1   UniProt   T01527 RORα2   UniProt   T01528 RORα3   UniProt   T01529 RORα4   UniProt   T23415 RORβ (NR1F2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02748 UniProt UniProt RORβ, isoform 1   UniProt   T08908 RORβ, isoform 2   UniProt   T23570 RORγ (NR1F3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02749 UniProt UniProt RORγ, isoform 1   UniProt   T19214 RORγ, isoform 2   UniProt   T19215 Subfamily: LXR (NR1H) TGACCTCTACTGACCT LXRα (NR1H3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02752 UniProt UniProt LXRα, isoform 1   UniProt   T08888 LXRα, isoform 2   UniProt   T19135 LXRα, isoform 3   UniProt   T28016 LXRβ (NR1H2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04453 UniProt UniProt PDB LXRβ, isoform 1   UniProt LXRβ, isoform 2   UniProt FXR (NR1H4)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09632 UniProt UniProt FXR, isoform 1   UniProt   T05308 FXR, isoform 2   UniProt   T05307 FXR, isoform 3   UniProt   T05309 FXR, isoform 4   UniProt   T04498 FXR, isoform 5   UniProt   T26861  
  2.1.3 Family: RXR-related receptors (NR2) (TGACCT) Subfamily: Retinoid X receptors (NR2B) (TGACCT) RXRα (NR2B1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01345 UniProt UniProt PDB RXRα, isoform 1   UniProt   T08433 RXRα, isoform 2   UniProt   T31696 RXRβ (NR2B2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01334 UniProt UniProtF RXRβ, isoform 1   UniProt   T08867 RXRβ, isoform 2   UniProt   T28029 RXRγ (NR2B3) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04807 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HNF-4 (NR2A) AGTCCAAAGTTCA HNF-4α (NR2A1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T03828 UniProt UniProt PDB HNF-4α1   UniProt   T00373 HNF-4α2   UniProt   T02421 HNF-4α3   UniProt   T02428 HNF-4α4   UniProt   T02425 HNF-4α7   UniProt   T05285 HNF-4α8   UniProt   T18464 HNF-4α9   UniProt   T23571 HNF-4γ (NR2A2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02430 UniProt UniProt HNF-4γ, isoform 1   UniProt   T15516 HNF-4γ, isoform 2   UniProt   T26147 Subfamily: Tailless-like receptors (NR2E) TGACCTTTGACCT Tlx (NR2E1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04808 UniProt UniProt Tlx, isoform 1   UniProt Tlx, isoform 2   UniProt PNR (NR2E3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T03723 UniProt PNR, isoform long   UniProt   T19143 PNR, isoform short   UniProt   T15027 Subfamily: Testicular receptors (NR2C) TGACCTCTGACCT TR2 (NR2C1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19142 UniProt UniProt TR2-11, isoform 1   UniProt   T01664 TR2-9, isoform 2   UniProt   T01663 TR2-7, isoform 3   UniProt   T01662 TR4 (NR2C2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02740 UniProt UniProt TR4, isoform 1   UniProt   T09960 TR4, isoform 2   UniProt   T26221 Subfamily: COUP-like receptors (NR2F) TGACCTTTGACCT COUP-TFI (NR2F1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00149 UniProt UniProt PDB COUP-TFII (NR2F2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00045 UniProt UniProt COUP-TFII, isoform 1   UniProt   T10068 COUP-TFII, isoform 2   UniProt   T26401 COUP-TFII, isoform 3   UniProt   T26402 EAR2 (NR2F6) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02763 UniProt UniProt  
  2.1.4 Family: NGFI-B-related receptors (NR4) TGACCTTT NGFI-B (NR4A1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02767 UniProt UniProt PDB NGFI-B, isoform 1   UniProt   T08498 NGFI-B, isoform 2   UniProt   T26467 NGFI-B, isoform 3   UniProt   T30309 NURR1 (NR4A2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02742 UniProt UniProt NURR1, isoform 1   UniProt   T10108 NURR1, isoform 2   UniProt   T31677 NOR1 (NR4A3)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T15532 UniProt UniProt NOR1, isoform α   UniProt   T04750 NOR1, isoform β   UniProt   T19144 NOR1, isoform 3   UniProt   T23572  
  2.1.5 Family: FTZ-F1-related receptors (NR5) TGACCTTG FTZ-F1 (SF-1) (NR5A1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02769 UniProt UniProt PDB LRH-1 (NR5A2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02770 UniProt UniProt PDB LRH-1, isoform 1   UniProt   T08525 LRH-1, isoform 2   UniProt   T19148 LRH-1, isoform 3   UniProt   T19147 LRH-1, isoform 4   UniProt      
  2.1.6 Family: GCNF-related receptors (NR6) TGAACTTGACTTGA GCNF (NR6A1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T15691 UniProt UniProtF GCNF-2, isoform 1   UniProt   T04400 GCNF-1, isoform 2   UniProt   T04401 GCNF, isoform 3   UniProt   T26222 GCNF, isoform 4   UniProt   T26223 GCNF, isoform 5   UniProt   T26224  
  2.1.7 Family: DAX-related receptors (NR0) TGACCTT DAX1 (NR0B1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02776 UniProt UniProt DAX1, isoform 1   UniProt   T09944 DAX1, isoform 2   UniProt   T15314 SHP (NR0B2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02738 UniProt UniProt  
  2.2 Class: Other C4 zinc finger-type factors TRANSFAC class description Further information  
  2.2.1 Family: GATA-type zinc fingers Subfamily: Two zinc-finger GATA factors AGATAA GATA-1 (GF-1, EryF1, NF-E1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00306 UniProt UniProt PDB GATA-1, isoform 1   UniProt   T08292 GATA-1, isoform 2   UniProt   T09480 GATA-1s, isoform 3   UniProt   T26129 GATA-2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00308 UniProt UniProt GATA-2, isoform 1   UniProt   T08571 GATA-2, isoform 2   UniProt   T26131 GATA-3 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T09925 UniProt UniProt PDB GATA-3, isoform 1   UniProt   T00311 GATA-3, isoform 2   UniProt   T09924 GATA-4 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02687 UniProt UniProt PDB GATA-4, isoform 1   UniProt   T09359 GATA-4, isoform 2   UniProt   T31652 GATA-5 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18947 UniProt UniProt GATA-6   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02689 UniProt UniProt GATA-6, isoform 1   UniProt   T16251 GATA-6, isoform 2   UniProt   T10207 Subfamily: Single GATA-type zinc-finger AGATAA GATAD1 (ODAG)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27293 UniProt UniProt p66-α (GATAD2A)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27302 UniProt UniProt p66-α, isoform 1   UniProt   T27301 p66-α, isoform 2   UniProt   T27303 p66-α, isoform 3   UniProt   T30310 p66-β (GATAD2B)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27167 UniProt UniProt RERE (ARG, ARP, ATN1L) =   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T22414 UniProt UniProt RERE, isoform 1   UniProt   T22450 RERE, isoform 2   UniProt   T23900 MTA1 =   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T10759 UniProt UniProt MTA1, isoform 1 (MTA1l)   UniProt   T22418 MTA1, isoform 2 (MTA1s)   UniProt   T22419 MTA1, isoform 3   UniProt   T26199 MTA2 (MTA1L1, PID) =   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05115 UniProt UniProt MTA2, isoform 1   UniProt   T09213 MTA2, isoform 2   UniProt   T31667 MTA3 =   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T22427 UniProt UniProtF MTA3, isoform 1   UniProt   T22476 MTA3, isoform 2   UniProt   T22477 ZGLP1 (GLP-1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27342 UniProt UniProt DNMT3A   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27195 UniProt UniProt PDB DNMT3A, isoform 1   UniProt   T27194 DNMT3A, isoform 2   UniProt   T27218 DNMT3A, isoform 3   UniProt   T27375 DNMT3B   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27198 UniProt UniProt DNMT3B, isoform 1   UniProt   T27197 DNMT3B, isoform 2   UniProt   T27199 DNMT3B, isoform 3   UniProt   T27200 DNMT3B, isoform 4   UniProt   T27201 DNMT3B, isoform 5   UniProt   T27202 DNMT3B, isoform 6   UniProt   T27970 DNMT3B, isoform 7   UniProt   T27969 DNMT3B, isoform 8   UniProt   T27970 DNMT3L   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27172 UniProt UniProt PDB DNMT3L, isoform 1   UniProt   T27861 DNMT3L, isoform 2   UniProt   T27376 ATRX (RAD54L, XH2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T27182 UniProt UniProt PDB ATRX, isoform 1   UniProt   T27184 ATRX, isoform 2   UniProt   T27191 ATRX, isoform 3   UniProt   T27183 ATRX, isoform 4   UniProt   T27181 ATRX, isoform 5   UniProt   T27192 ATRX, isoform 6   UniProt   T27368 TRPS1 (GC79) =   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T17430 UniProt UniProt TRPS1, isoform 1   UniProt   T17429 TRPS1, isoform 2   UniProt   T19346 TRPS1, isoform 3   UniProt   T19347  
  2.3 Class: C2H2 zinc finger factors TRANSFAC class description Further information  
  2.3.1 Family: Three-zinc finger Krüppel-related factors Subfamily: Sp1-like factors GGGGCGGGG Sp1 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00759 UniProt UniProt PDB Sp1, isoform 1 (Sp1a)   UniProt   T08484 Sp1, isoform 2 (Sp1b)   UniProt   T30948 Sp1, isoform 3 (Sp1c)   UniProt   T30949 Sp2   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02356 UniProt UniProt Sp2, isoform 1   UniProt   T13718 Sp2, isoform 2   UniProt   T13717 Sp3 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02338 UniProt UniProtF Sp3, isoform 1 (L-Sp3)   UniProt   T09426 Sp3, isoform 2   UniProt   T19256 Sp3, isoform 3 (M1-Sp3)   UniProt   T19257 Sp3, isoform 4 (M2-Sp3)   UniProt   T19260 Sp3, isoform 5   UniProt   T19258 Sp3, isoform 6   UniProt   T19259 Sp4 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02339 UniProt UniProt Sp5   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19264 UniProt UniProt Sp6   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20128 UniProt UniProt Sp7 (OSX)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20130 UniProt UniProt Sp7, isoform 1 (Sp7α, long)   UniProt   T20129 Sp7, isoform 2 (Sp7β, short)   UniProt   T30324 Sp8 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23574 UniProt UniProt Sp8, isoform 1   UniProt   T23575 Sp8, isoform 2   UniProt   T23576 Sp8, isoform 3   UniProt   T23573 Sp8, isoform 4   UniProt   T26527 Sp9   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23578 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Krüppel-like factors CCACACCCT KLF1 (EKLF)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04957 UniProt UniProt KLF2 (LKLF)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04958 UniProt UniProt KLF3 (BKLF)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T10298 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF3, isoform 1   UniProt   T10299 KLF3, isoform 2   UniProt   T23579 KLF4 (GKLF)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T14243 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF4, isoform 1   UniProt   T14242 KLF4, isoform 2   UniProt   T14244 KLF4, isoform 3   UniProt   T23580 KLF4, isoform 4   UniProt   T30289 KLF4, isoform 5   UniProt   T30290 KLF5 (CKLF, IKLF, BTEB2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02211 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF5, isoform 1   UniProt   T15079 KLF5, isoform 2   UniProt   T30254 KLF5, isoform 3   UniProt   T30255 KLF5, isoform 4   UniProt   T32401 KLF6 (CPBP, BCD1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04964 UniProt UniProt KLF6, isoform 1   UniProt   T11236 KLF6, isoform 2   UniProt   T23581 KLF6, isoform 3   UniProt   T27998 KLF7 (UKLF)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04960 UniProt UniProtF KLF7, isoform 1   UniProt   T17694 KLF7, isoform 2   UniProt   T28856 KLF7, isoform 3   UniProt   T28857 KLF7, isoform 4   UniProt   T28858 KLF7, isoform 5   UniProt   T30291 KLF7, isoform 6   UniProt   T30292 KLF8 (BKLF)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19039 UniProt UniProt KLF8, isoform 1   UniProt   T10994 KLF8, isoform 2   UniProt   T27999 KLF8, isoform 3   UniProt   T30293 KLF8, isoform 4   UniProt   T30294 KLF9 (BTEB1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02212 UniProt UniProt KLF10 (TIEG1)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04955 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF10, isoform 1   UniProt   T11223 KLF10, isoform 2   UniProt   T26435 KLF10, isoform 3   UniProt   T30286 KLF10, isoform 4   UniProt   T30287 KLF11 (FKLF, TIEG2)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04956 UniProt UniProt KLF11, isoform 1   UniProt   T10390 KLF11, isoform 2   UniProt   T26436 KLF12 (AP-2rep) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04686 UniProt UniProt KLF12, isoform 1   UniProt   T15059 KLF12, isoform 2   UniProt   T23582 KLF12, isoform 3   UniProt   T30288 KLF13 (BTEB3, NSLP1) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05051 UniProt UniProt KLF14 (BTEB5) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19998 UniProt UniProt KLF15 (KKLF)   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05058 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF16 (BTEB4, NSLP2) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T06146 UniProt UniProt KLF17   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T10977 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: EGR factors GCGTGGGCG EGR1 (Krox-24, Zif268) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00241 UniProt UniProt PDB EGR2 (Krox-20) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00242 UniProt UniProt EGR2, isoform long   UniProt   T10400 EGR2, isoform short   UniProt   T23583 EGR3 (PILOT) UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00243 UniProt UniProt EGR3, isoform 1   UniProt   T08709 EGR3, isoform 2   UniProt   T27972 EGR4 UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05190 UniProt UniProt  
  2.3.2 Family: Other factors with up to three adjacent zinc fingers Subfamily: Factors with 2-3 adjacent zinc fingers
and a BTB/POZ domain
TCCTGCTA ZBTB5 [2]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T16315 UniProt UniProt ZBTB8B [2]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23585 UniProt UniProt ZBTB8B, isoform 1   UniProt   T23584 ZBTB8B, isoform 2   UniProt   T23586 ZBTB22 (ZNF297, BING1) [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19375 UniProt UniProt ZBTB32 (ZNF538, FAZF) [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19382 UniProt UniProt ZBTB34 [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20227 UniProt UniProt ZBTB37 [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20229 UniProt UniProt ZBTB37, isoform 1   UniProt   T20228 ZBTB37, isoform 2   UniProt   T20231 ZBTB37, isoform 3   UniProt   T20230 ZBTB43 (ZBTB22B, ZNF297B) [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19384 UniProt UniProt PDB ZBTB46 (BTBD4, ZNF340) [2]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23588 UniProt UniProt ZBTB33 (KAISO, ZNF348) [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08297 UniProt UniProt PDB Subfamily: Factors with 2-3 adjacent zinc fingers
and a KRAB domain ZNF487 [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T ZNF487, isoform 1   UniProt   T ZNF487, isoform 2   UniProt   T ZNF542 (ZNF542P) [2]   UniProt   T21413 ZNF542, isoform 1   UniProt   T21412 ZNF542, isoform 2   UniProt ZNF705A [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20205 Subfamily: Factors with 2-3 adjacent zinc fingers
and a SCAN domain ZSCAN1 [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21242 ZSCAN1, isoform 1   UniProt   T21241 ZSCAN1, isoform 2   UniProt   T21243 ZNF174 (AW-1, ZSCAN8) [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02279 ZNF174, isoform 1   UniProt   T09928 ZNF174, isoform 2   UniProt   T23589 ZNF396 (ZSCAN14) [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20570 ZNF396, isoform 1   UniProt   T20569 ZNF396, isoform 2   UniProt   T20571 ZNF396, isoform 3   UniProt   T20572 ZNF446 (ZKSCAN20) [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19499 ZNF446, isoform 1   UniProt   T19498 ZNF446, isoform 2   UniProt   T34825 Subfamily: Other three adjacent zinc finger factors ZNF414 [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19479 UniProt UniProt ZNF414, isoform 1   UniProt   T19478 ZNF414, isoform 2   UniProt   T28064 ZNF511 [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20692 UniProt UniProt ZNF511, isoform 1   UniProt   T20691 ZNF511, isoform 2   UniProt   T20693 ZNF580 [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19525 UniProt UniProt ZNF702P [3]   UniProt   T21502 ZNF740 (ZFP740) [3] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23591 UniProt UniProt ZFPM2 (ZNF89B, FOG2) = [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18921 UniProt UniProtF ZFPM2, isoform 1   UniProt   T18920 ZFPM2, isoform 2   UniProt   T18919 OSR1 (ODD) [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T22428 UniProt UniProt OVOL3 (OVL2L) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23593 UniProt UniProtF, ? AEBP2 [2]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18732 UniProt UniProt PDB AEBP2, isoform 1   UniProt   T18735 AEBP2, isoform 2   UniProt   T18733 AEBP2, isoform 3   UniProt   T18734  
  2.3.3 Family: More than 3 adjacent zinc finger factors Subfamily: GLI-like factors TGGGTGGTC GLI1 [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00330 UniProt UniProt PDB GLI1, isoform 1   UniProt   T15311 GLI1, isoform 2   UniProt   T26133 GLI1, isoform 3   UniProt GLI2 [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T11124 UniProt UniProt GLI2, isoform α   UniProt   T04961 GLI2, isoform β   UniProt   T08167 GLI2, isoform γ   UniProt   T08168 GLI2, isoform δ   UniProt   T08169 GLI2, isoform 5   UniProt   T24060 GLI3 [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00331 UniProt UniProt GLIS1 [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19960 UniProt UniProt GLIS2 (NKL) [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05131 UniProt UniProt GLIS3 (ZNF515) [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18953 UniProt UniProt GLIS3, isoform 1   UniProt   T18952 GLIS3, isoform 2   UniProt   T23594 ZIC1 (ZNF201) [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T06558 UniProt UniProt ZIC2 [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04237 UniProt UniProt ZIC3 (ZNF203) [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20329 UniProt UniProt PDB ZIC3A, isoform 1   UniProt   T20328 ZIC3B, isoform 2   UniProt   T26530 ZIC4 [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23596 UniProt UniProtF ZIC4, isoform 1   UniProt   T23595 ZIC4, isoform 2   UniProt   T23597 ZIC4, isoform 3   UniProt   T26876 ZIC4, isoform 4   UniProt   T28056 ZIC4, isoform 5   UniProt   T28057 ZIC5 [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23599 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Snail-like factors CACCTG SNAI1 [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T06312 UniProt UniProt PDB SNAI2 (SLUG) [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05005 UniProt UniProt SNAI3 (ZNF293) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19240 UniProt UniProt SCRT1 [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20102 UniProt UniProt SCRT2 [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20106 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZFP91-like factors ZFP91 (ZNF757) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20320 UniProt UniProt PDB ZFP91, isoform 1   UniProt   T20319 ZFP91, isoform 2   UniProt   T20321 ZNF692 [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19551 UniProt UniProt PDB ZNF692, isoform 1   UniProt   T19550 ZNF692, isoform 2   UniProt   T23600 ZNF692, isoform 3   UniProt   T19552 ZNF692, isoform 4   UniProt   T23601 ZNF692, isoform 5   UniProt   T26516 ZNF276 (ZFP276, ZNF477) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19452 UniProt UniProt ZNF276, isoform 1   UniProt   T19453 ZNF276, isoform 2   UniProt   T19454 ZNF653 (ZIP67) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20932 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF280-like zinc finger factors ZNF280A (SUHW1, ZNF280, ZNF636) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20161 ZNF280B (SUHW2, ZNF279, ZNF632, Zfp280b, Zfp653) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20163 UniProt UniProt ZNF280C (SUHW3, ZNF633, Zfp280c) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20165 UniProt UniProt ZNF280D (SUHW4, ZNF634, Zfp280d) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20171 UniProt UniProt ZNF280D, isoform 1   UniProt   T20170 ZNF280D, isoform 2   UniProt   T20173 ZNF280D, isoform 3   UniProt   T20174 ZNF280D, isoform 4   UniProt   T20175 ZNF280D, isoform 5   UniProt   T20172 ZNF280D, isoform 6   UniProt   T30962 POGZ (SUHW5, ZNF280E, ZNF635) [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T22515 UniProt UniProt PDB POGZ, isoform 1   UniProt   T22514 POGZ, isoform 2   UniProt   T22516 POGZ, isoform 3   UniProt   T22517 POGZ, isoform 4   UniProt   T22518 POGZ, isoform 5 (CRA_e)   UniProt   T22519 POGZ, isoform 6   UniProt   T28881 POGZ, isoform 7   UniProt   T28882 Subfamily: ZSCAN5-like zinc finger factors ZSCAN5A (ZNF495) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21223 ZSCAN5A, isoform 1   UniProt   T21222 ZSCAN5A, isoform 2   UniProt   T31764 ZSCAN5B [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21225 ZSCAN5C [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T24062 ZSCAN5D (ZSCAN5DP) [5]   UniProt   T ZSCAN4 (ZNF494) [4] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21251 Subfamily: ZNF75-like zinc finger factors ZNF75A [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21027 ZNF75C (ZNF75CP) [5]   UniProt   T21487 ZNF75D (ZNF82) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21029 ZNF75D, isoform 1   UniProt   T21028 ZNF75D, isoform 2   UniProt   T26885 ZNF213 (ZKSCAN21) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20427 ZNF213, isoform 1   UniProt   T20426 ZNF213, isoform 2   UniProt   T31731 Subfamily: ZNF705 factors ZNF705D [3]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21358 ZNF705F [3]   UniProt   T24064 ZNF705G [2]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21340 ZNF705E [2]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas  T Subfamily: ZBTB7 factors GACCCC ZBTB7A [4] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08859 UniProt UniProt ZBTB7B [4] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T10067 UniProt UniProt ZBTB7B, isoform 1   UniProt   T10066 ZBTB7B, isoform 2   UniProt   T26874 ZBTB7C [4] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23603 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: YY1-like factors GCCATCTTG YY1 [4] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08660 UniProt UniProt PDB YY2 (ZNF631) [4] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21350 UniProt UniProt ZFP42 (REX1, ZNF754) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18524 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF24-like factors TCAT ZNF24 (KOX17, ZNF191, ZSCAN3) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04981 UniProt UniProt PDB ZNF24, isoform 1   UniProt   T11209 ZNF24, isoform 2   UniProt   T23604 ZNF193 (ZSCAN9) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19428 ZNF193, isoform 1   UniProt   T19427 ZNF193, isoform 2   UniProt   T26880 ZSCAN23 (ZNF390, ZNF453) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21235 GLI4 (HKR4) [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23606   UniProt ZNF232 (ZSCAN1) [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19436 ZNF232, isoform long   UniProt   T19435 ZNF232, isoform short   UniProt   T19437 ZKSCAN1 (KOX18, ZNF139, ZNF36) [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20341 UniProt UniProt ZNF323 (ZNF310P, ZSCAN31) [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20520 ZNF323, isoform 1   UniProt   T20519 ZNF323, isoform 2   UniProt   T28925 Subfamily: ZBTB6-like factors ZBTB6 (ZID, ZNF482) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T01468 UniProt UniProt ZBTB26 (ZNF481) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20225 UniProt UniProt ZBTB12 (NG35) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20216 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: PRDM1-like factors AAGTGAAAGT PRDM1 (BLIMP1) [4] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T00929 UniProt UniProt PRDM1, isoform 1   UniProt   T23607 PRDM1, isoform 2   UniProt   T11276 PRDM1, isoform 3   UniProt   T26479 ZNF683 [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20983 ZNF683, isoform 1   UniProt   T20982 ZNF683, isoform 2   UniProt   T20984 Subfamily: ZNF148-like factors CACCC ZNF148 (ZBP89) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T10300 UniProt UniProt ZNF148, isoform 1   UniProt   T04996 ZNF148, isoform 2   UniProt   T31726 ZNF281 (GZP1, ZBP99) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04995 UniProt ZNF281, isoform 1   UniProt   T14524 ZNF281, isoform 2   UniProt   T30971 Subfamily: ZBTB20-like factors ZBTB20 (DPZF, ZNF288) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20218 UniProt UniProt ZBTB20, isoform 1   UniProt   T20217 ZBTB20, isoform 2   UniProt   T20219 ZBTB45 (ZNF499) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19394 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF524-like factors ZNF524 [4] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20722 UniProt ZNF581 [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19529 Subfamily: ZNF238-like factors AACATCTGGA ZNF238 (RP58, TAZ1, ZBTB18) [4] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T05040 UniProt UniProt ZNF238, isoform 1   UniProt   T14231 ZNF238, isoform 2   UniProt   T23609 ZBTB42 [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23611 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: OVOL-factors GCGGGGG OVOL1 [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19164 UniProt UniProt OVOL2 (ZNF339) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19165 UniProt UniProt OVOL2, isoform 1   UniProt   T19166 OVOL2, isoform 2   UniProt   T23612 Subfamily: ZNF56-like factors ZNF56 (ZNF742) [3]   UniProt   T21392 ZNF876P [4]   UniProt   T ZNF138 [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21380 ZNF138, isoform 1   UniProt   T21379 ZNF138, isoform 2   UniProt   T28060 ZNF138, isoform 3   UniProt   T30346 Subfamily: ZNF500-like factors ZNF500 (ZKSCAN18) [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20676 ZNF500, isoform 1   UniProt   T20675 ZNF500, isoform 2   UniProt   T31747 ZNF853 [5]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T24088 ZKSCAN2 (ZNF694) [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20346 UniProt UniProt ZKSCAN2, isoform 1   UniProt   T20345 ZKSCAN2, isoform 2   UniProt   T20347 ZSCAN29 (ZNF690) [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21237 UniProt ZSCAN29, isoform 1   UniProt   T21236 ZSCAN29, isoform 2   UniProt   T21238 ZSCAN29, isoform 3   UniProt   T21239 ZSCAN29, isoform 4   UniProt   T21240 ZNF434 (ZSCAN32) [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19491 ZNF434, isoform 1   UniProt   T19490 ZNF434, isoform 2   UniProt   T28926 ZNF434, isoform 3   UniProt   T31765 Subfamily: FEZF factors FEZF1 (ZNF312B) [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19927 UniProt UniProt FEZF1, isoform 1   UniProt   T19926 FEZF1, isoform 2   UniProt   T19928 FEZF1, isoform 3   UniProt   T19929 FEZF2 (FEZL, ZNF312) [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19933 UniProt UniProt FEZF2, isoform 1   UniProt   T19932 FEZF2, isoform 2   UniProt   T19934 Subfamily: GFI1 factors AAATCACAGC GFI1 (ZNF163) [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T06587 UniProt UniProt PDB GFI1B [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T06586 UniProt UniProt GFI1B, isoform 1   UniProt   T11202 GFI1B, isoform 2   UniProt   T23615 Subfamily: BCL6 factors CTTTCTAGGAAT BCL6B (BAZF, ZNF62) [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23617 UniProt UniProt BCL6 (LAZ3, ZBTB27, ZNF51) [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02322 UniProt UniProt PDB BCL6, isoform 1   UniProt   T09129 BCL6, isoform 2   UniProt   T26395 Subfamily: ZNF212-like factors ZNF212 (ZNFC150) [4]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20425 ZNF777 [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21067 ZNF777, isoform 1   UniProt   T21066 ZNF777, isoform 2   UniProt   T21068 ZNF777, isoform 3   UniProt   T21069 Subfamily: MTF1-like factors TGCACAC MTF1 [6] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02354 UniProt UniProt ZNF410 (APA1) [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19477 UniProt ZNF410, isoform 1   UniProt   T19476 ZNF410, isoform 2   UniProt   T19475 ZNF410, isoform 3   UniProt   T23618 ZNF410, isoform 4   UniProt   T26368 ZNF410, isoform 5   UniProt   T26505 Subfamily: PLAG factors PLAGL2 [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04963 UniProt UniProt PLAG1 [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20058 UniProt UniProt PLAG1, isoform 1   UniProt   T20057 PLAG1, isoform 2   UniProt   T28026 PLAGL1 (LOT1, ZAC) [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T10143 UniProt UniProt PLAGL1, isoform 1   UniProt   T04962 PLAGL1, isoform 2 (ZACδ2)   UniProt   T05149 Subfamily: ZKSCAN3-like factors TGAGGGG ZKSCAN3 (ZFP47, ZNF306, ZNF309, ZSCAN13) [7] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20349 UniProt UniProt ZKSCAN3, isoform 1   UniProt   T20348 ZKSCAN3, isoform 2   UniProt   T28058 ZKSCAN4 (ZNF307, ZNF427) [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20351 UniProt UniProtF Subfamily: ZNF525-like factors ZNF525 [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21473 ZNF701 [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21008 ZNF701, isoform 1   UniProt   T21007 ZNF701, isoform 2   UniProt   T31757 ZNF765 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21038 ZNF765, isoform 1   UniProt   T21037 ZNF765, isoform 2   UniProt   T21039 ZNF765, isoform 3   UniProt   T31759 ZNF468 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20640 ZNF468, isoform 1   UniProt   T20639 ZNF468, isoform 2   UniProt   T20641 Subfamily: ZNF76-like factors CCCATCATGCCTTGC ZNF76 (ZNF523) [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04994 UniProt UniProt ZNF76, isoform 1   UniProt   T10308 ZNF76, isoform 2   UniProt   T19572 ZNF143 (SBF, STAF) [7] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04993 UniProt UniProt ZNF143, isoform 1   UniProt   T10309 ZNF143, isoform 2   UniProt   T23620 ZNF143, isoform 3   UniProt   T31725 Subfamily: ZNF652-like factors ZNF652 (ZFP652) [9] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20927 UniProt UniProt ZBTB47 (ZNF651) [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20245   UniProtF ZBTB47, isoform 1   UniProt   T20244 ZBTB47, isoform 2   UniProt   T30963 Subfamily: ZNF350-like factors TGGgttCAGactTTG ZNF350 (ZBRK1) [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T08578 ZNF577 [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20827 ZNF577, isoform 1   UniProt   T20826 ZNF577, isoform 2   UniProt   T23621 ZNF649 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20925 ZNF613 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20870 ZNF613, isoform 1   UniProt   T20869 ZNF613, isoform 2   UniProt   T20871 ZNF614 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20873 ZNF614, isoform 1   UniProt   T20872 ZNF614, isoform 2   UniProt   T31753 Subfamily: ZNF642-like factors ZNF642 (ZFP69) [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20915 ZNF643 (ZFP69B) [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20917 ZNF643, isoform 1   UniProt   T24217 ZNF643, isoform 2   UniProt   T20916 ZNF570 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20805 ZNF570, isoform 1   UniProt   T20804 ZNF570, isoform 2   UniProt   T31752 ZNF583 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20837 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF679-like factors ZNF679 [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19546 ZNF735 [9]   UniProt   T21356 Subfamily: ZNF763-like factors ZNF763 [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21035 ZNF763, isoform 1   UniProt   T21034 ZNF763, isoform 2   UniProt   T21036 ZNF763, isoform 3   UniProt   T31758 ZNF844 [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21133 ZNF625 [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20896 ZNF625, isoform 1   UniProt   T20895 ZNF625, isoform 2   UniProt   T28069 ZNF669 [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20961 ZNF669, isoform 1   UniProt   T20960 ZNF669, isoform 2   UniProt   T28921 ZNF670 [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19545 ZNF124 (HZF-16) [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04991 ZNF124, isoform 1   UniProt   T24065 ZNF124, isoform 2   UniProt   T23622 ZNF124, isoform 3 (HZF-16.2)   UniProt   T11345 ZNF124, isoform 4 (HZF-16.1)   UniProt   T23623 ZNF124, isoform 5 (HZF-16.1)   UniProt   T28899 ZNF627 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20901 ZNF439 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19493 ZNF440 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19495 ZNF77 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19575 ZNF490 [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20660 ZNF563 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20791 ZNF563, isoform 1   UniProt   T20790 ZNF563, isoform 2   UniProt   T20792 ZNF57 (ZNF424) [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21194 ZNF69 [14]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21196 ZNF69, isoform 1   UniProt   T21195 ZNF69, isoform 2   UniProt   T21197 ZNF136 [14]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19416 ZNF564 [15]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21481 ZNF20 (KOX13) [15]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04982 ZNF878 [15]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23625 ZNF555 [15]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20774 ZNF555, isoform 1   UniProt   T20773 ZNF555, isoform 2   UniProt   T20775 ZNF555, isoform 3   UniProt   T30353 Subfamily: ZNF3-like factors ZNF3 (KOX25) [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21179 ZNF3, isoform 1   UniProt   T21178 ZNF3, isoform 2   UniProt   T ZNF397 (ZSCAN15) [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20574 ZNF397, isoform 1 (ZNF397-fu)   UniProt   T20573 ZNF397, isoform 2   UniProt   T20575 ZNF397, isoform 3 (ZNF397-nf)   UniProt   T20576 Subfamily: ZNF620-like factors ZNF620 [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20885 ZNF620, isoform 1   UniProt   T20884 ZNF620, isoform 2   UniProt   T20886 ZNF621 [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20888 ZNF621, isoform 1   UniProt   T20887 ZNF621, isoform 2   UniProt   T20889 ZNF566 [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20796 ZNF566, isoform 1   UniProt   T20795 ZNF566, isoform 2   UniProt   T26508 ZNF619 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21471 ZNF619, isoform 1   UniProt   T21470 ZNF619, isoform 2   UniProt   T26511 ZNF619, isoform 3   UniProt   T31755 ZNF619, isoform 4   UniProt   T31756 ZNF383 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20562 ZNF829 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21124 ZNF829, isoform 1   UniProt   T21123 ZNF829, isoform 2   UniProt   T21125 ZNF829, isoform 3   UniProt   T32406 ZNF582 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20835 Subfamily: ZNF324 factors ZNF324A [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20189 ZNF324B [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20191 ZNF324B, isoform 1   UniProt   T20190 ZNF324B, isoform 2   UniProt   T20192 Subfamily: ZNF362-like factors ZNF362 [6]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20544 ZNF384 (CAGH1, CIZ, NMP4, TNRC1) [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T16375   UniProt ZNF384, isoform 1   UniProt   T19472 ZNF384, isoform 2   UniProt   T19471 ZNF384, isoform 3   UniProt   T23626 Subfamily: ZNF282-like factors TCCACCCC ZNF282 (HUB1) [5] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20491 ZNF282, isoform 1   UniProt   T20490 ZNF282, isoform 2   UniProt   T31734 ZNF398 (ZER6) [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T14522 ZNF398, isoform 1 (p71)   UniProt   T05130 ZNF398, isoform 2 (p52)   UniProt   T05129 Subfamily: ZNF764-like factors ZNF764 [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19558 ZNF764, isoform 1   UniProt   T19557 ZNF764, isoform 2   UniProt   T28071 ZNF785 [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21083 ZNF785, isoform 1   UniProt   T21082 ZNF785, isoform 2   UniProt   T21084 ZNF771 [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21049 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF177-like factors ZNF177 [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20390 ZNF177, isoform 1   UniProt   T20389 ZNF177, isoform 2   UniProt   T28074 ZNF177, isoform 3   UniProt   T28075 ZNF891 [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T24067 ZNF333 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T15873 ZNF333, isoform 1   UniProt   T15872 ZNF333, isoform 2   UniProt   T31735 ZNF333, isoform 3   UniProt   T31736 Subfamily: ZNF32-like factors ZNF32 (KOX30, Zfp637) [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21175 UniProt UniProt PDB ZIK1 (ZNF762) [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20331 UniProt ZIK1, isoform 1   UniProt   T20330 ZIK1, isoform 2   UniProt   T20332 ZIK1, isoform 3   UniProt   T20333 Subfamily: ZNF773-like factors ZNF773 (ZNF419B) [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21056 ZNF773, isoform 1   UniProt   T21055 ZNF773, isoform 2   UniProt   T21057 ZNF419 (ZNF419A) [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20597 ZNF419, isoform 1   UniProt   T20596 ZNF419, isoform 2   UniProt   T20598 ZNF419, isoform 3   UniProt   T28066 ZNF419, isoform 4   UniProt   T28910 ZNF419, isoform 5   UniProt   T28911 ZNF419, isoform 6   UniProt   T28912 Subfamily: ZNF558-like factors ZNF558 [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20782 ZNF558, isoform 1   UniProt   T20781 ZNF558, isoform 2   UniProt   T31748 ZNF557 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20779 ZNF557, isoform 1   UniProt   T20778 ZNF557, isoform 2   UniProt   T20780 Subfamily: ZNF302-like factors ZNF302 (ZNF135L, ZNF140L, ZNF327) [7]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19458 ZNF302, isoform 1   UniProt   T19457 ZNF302, isoform 2   UniProt   T19459 ZNF2 (ZNF661) [9]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21171 UniProt ZNF2, isoform 1   UniProt   T21170 ZNF2, isoform 2   UniProt   T30356 ZNF2, isoform 3   UniProt   T30357 ZNF2, isoform 4   UniProt   T30975 ZNF181 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20394 ZNF181, isoform 1   UniProt   T20393 ZNF181, isoform 2   UniProt   T20395 ZNF181, isoform 3   UniProt ZNF140 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20374 ZNF140, isoform 1   UniProt   T20373 ZNF140, isoform 2   UniProt   T31724 Subfamily: ZNF562-like factors ZNF562 [8]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20788 ZNF562, isoform 1   UniProt   T20787 ZNF562, isoform 2   UniProt   T20789 ZNF561 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20786 ZNF561, isoform 1   UniProt   T20785 ZNF561, isoform 2   UniProt   T31749 ZNF559 [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19521 ZNF559, isoform 1   UniProt   T19520 ZNF559, isoform 2   UniProt   T28916 ZNF846 [14]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21389 ZNF846, isoform 1   UniProt   T21388 ZNF846, isoform 2   UniProt   T21390 Subfamily: ZXD-factors ZXDA [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23628 ZXDB [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23630 UniProt ZXDC (ZXDL) [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T22485 UniProt UniProt ZXDC, isoform 1   UniProt   T25885 ZXDC, isoform 2   UniProt   T25886 ZXDC, isoform 3 (ZXDC2)   UniProt   T30358 Subfamily: ZNF222-like factors ZNF222 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20435 ZNF222, isoform 1   UniProt   T20434 ZNF222, isoform 2   UniProt   T28906 ZNF223 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21520 ZNF230 (FDZF2) [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20445 ZNF155 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20380 ZNF155, isoform 1   UniProt   T20379 ZNF155, isoform 2   UniProt   T28903 ZNF221 [15]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20433 ZNF224 (BMZF2, KOX22, ZNF233, ZNF255, ZNF27) [18]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T18478     PDB ZNF225 [18]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20437 ZNF284 (ZNF284L) [15]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20495 ZNF235 (ZFP93, ZNF270) [16]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20451 ZNF235, isoform 1   UniProt   T20450 ZNF235, isoform 2   UniProt   T20452 ZNF45 (KOX5, ZNF13) [18]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04988 ZNF229 [18]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20443 ZNF229, isoform 1   UniProt   T20442 ZNF229, isoform 2   UniProt   T30970 ZNF227 [19]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20441 ZNF227, isoform 1   UniProt   T20440 ZNF227, isoform 2   UniProt   T31732 ZNF226 [19]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20439 ZNF226, isoform 1   UniProt   T20438 ZNF226, isoform 2   UniProt   T28907 ZNF234 (ZNF269) [19]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20449 Subfamily: ZNF736-like factors ZNF736 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23632 ZNF727 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23634 Subfamily: ZNF286 factors ZNF286A [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20181 ZNF286A, isoform 1   UniProt   T20180 ZNF286A, isoform 2   UniProt   T31716 ZNF286B (ZNF286C, ZNF286L) [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas  Subfamily: CTCF-like factors CTCF [11] UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02284 UniProt UniProt PDB CTCF, isoform 1   UniProt   T08865 CTCF, isoform 2   UniProt   T27966 CTCFL (CTCF-T, BORIS) [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23638 UniProt UniProt CTCFL, isoform 1   UniProt   T23637 CTCFL, isoform 2   UniProt   T27961 CTCFL, isoform 3   UniProt   T27962 CTCFL, isoform 4   UniProt   T27963 CTCFL, isoform 5   UniProt   T27964 CTCFL, isoform 6   UniProt   T27965 CTCFL, isoform 7   UniProt   T28828 CTCFL, isoform 8   UniProt   T28829 CTCFL, isoform 9   UniProt   T30269 CTCFL, isoform 10   UniProt CTCFL, isoform 11   UniProt Subfamily: ZNF366-like factors ZNF366 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20546 ZNF710 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21012 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF322-like factors ZNF322A (ZNF322, ZNF388, ZNF489, ZFP322A) [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20183 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF548-like factors ZNF548 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20757 ZNF548, isoform 1   UniProt   T20756 ZNF548, isoform 2   UniProt   T20758 ZNF776 [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21065 Subfamily: ZNF460-like factors ZNF460 (ZNF272) [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20635 ZNF460, isoform 1   UniProt   T20634 ZNF460, isoform 2   UniProt   T31743 ZNF264 [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20478 ZNF805 [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21411 ZNF805, isoform 1   UniProt   T21410 ZNF805, isoform 2   UniProt   T23639 ZNF543 [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20748 ZNF599 [14]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20857 ZNF599, isoform 1   UniProt   T20856 ZNF599, isoform 2   UniProt   T20858 Subfamily: ZNF146-like factors ZNF146 [10]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T02323 UniProt ZNF260 (ZFP260) [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20474 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF214-like factors ZNF214 (BAZ1) [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20429 ZNF285 (ZNF285A) [11]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23641 ZNF285, isoform 1   UniProt   T23640 ZNF285, isoform 2   UniProt   T23642 ZNF233 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20447 Subfamily: ZNF479-like factors ZNF479 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20648 ZNF716 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T24077 Subfamily: ZNF180-like factors ZNF180 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20392 ZNF180, isoform 1   UniProt   T20391 ZNF180, isoform 2   UniProt   T31728 ZNF180, isoform 3   UniProt   T31729 ZNF180, isoform 4   UniProt   T31730 ZNF544 [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20750 ZNF436 (Zfp46) [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20613 UniProt UniProt ZNF572 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20809 ZNF774 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21059 ZSCAN2 (ZFP29, ZNF854) [14]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21245 UniProt UniProt ZSCAN2, isoform 1   UniProt   T21244 ZSCAN2, isoform 3   UniProt   T21247 ZSCAN2, isoform 4   UniProt   T26375 Subfamily: ZNF100-like factors ZNF100 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20353 ZNF430 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20604 ZNF431 [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20606 UniProt ZNF730 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21437 ZNF714 [14]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T21023 ZNF714, isoform 1   UniProt   T21022 ZNF714, isoform 2   UniProt   T21024 ZNF714, isoform 3   UniProt   T21025 ZNF675 (TIZ) [15]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20970 Subfamily: ZNF98-like factors ZNF98 (ZNF739) [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T23644 ZNF492 (ZNF115) [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20664 Subfamily: ZNF343-like factors ZNF343 [12]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20534 ZNF343, isoform 1   UniProt   T20533 ZNF343, isoform 2   UniProt   T20535 ZNF343, isoform 3   UniProt   T20536 HKR1 (ZNF875) [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T19986 HKR1, isoform 1   UniProt   T19985 HKR1, isoform 2   UniProt   T19987 ZNF169 [13]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T20386 ZNF133 (ZNF150) [15]   UniProt  ProteinAtlas T04992 ZNF133, isoform 1   UniProt   T11347 ZNF133, isoform 2   UniProt   T26364 ZNF133, isoform 3   UniProt   T31721 ZNF133, isoform 4   UniProt   T31722