Classification of Mouse Transcription Factors
- Draft September 22, 2014 -
This classification is the working version that comprises only murine transcription factors (TFs) that have human orthologs, with few exceptions. In particular many mouse-specific TFs are still missing in Class 2.3 (C2H2 zinc finger factors). As for the classification of the human TFs, it may be subject to occasional changes, suggested for discussion.

Symbols / links:
Class description: TRANSFAC® class descriptions; Class description: new class descriptions; Further information: additional information about the class and its members (see below);
UniProt: Link to reviewed mouse entries UniProt; UniProt: Link to unreviewed mouse entries UniProt; UniProt: Link to reviewed human UniProt entries; UniProt /UniProt: Link to reviewed/unreviewed rat UniProt entries, resp.
"Txxxxx": TRANSFAC accession numbers, mostly linked to BIOBASE Knowledge Library (BKL); "T" only provides a link to a BKL entry that has no TRANSFAC accession yet.
PDB: Link to PDB; preferably to a complex of the corresponding DNA-binding domain (DBD) with DNA, provisionally the DBD alone, referring to the human or a mammalian ortholog; for a few excpetions, illustrative structures of fungal homologs are linked.
Additional information:
The question mark in the Class title line links to the class description, the sequences of the manually adjusted DNA-binding domains of this respective class and their alignments, logo plots and, whenever relevant, further information like dimerization matrices etc.
DNA sequence patterns:
The DNA sequences assigned to many families or subfamilies represent typical or proven individual binding sequences for (some of) the domains in the respective taxon. They should not be taken as a consensus, and they are not suitable for predicting potential TF binding sites.
The logo plots after many TF genera have been derived from the profile library published by the group of J. Taipale at Karolinska Institute (Jolma et al., Cell 152, 327-339 (2013); PubMed 23332764) and were kindly provided by P. Stegmaier (geneXplain GmbH). Each of these plots is linked to an htm file with all matrices for this factor, human and mouse, that were given by Jolma et al., one of them being selected for the logo plot. The individual matrices are given a unique ID, comprising the gene symbol of the factor and an alphanumeric specification of the respective matrix, which may be either a consecutive number, or may have an additional "m" to indicate monomeric factor binding mode, "d" for dimers, or "dd" for dimers of dimers bound to the respective sequence patterns. For further explanation of the information provided with each matrix, kindly refer to the original publication.
Wingender, E., Schoeps, T. and Dönitz, J.: TFClass: An expandable hierarchical classification of human transcription factors. Nucleic Acids Res. 41, D165-D170 (2013). doi: 10.1093/nar/gks1123 (Link)
1 Superclass: Basic domains TRANSFAC class description
  1.1 Class: Basic leucine zipper factors (bZIP) TRANSFAC class description Further information
  1.1.1 Family: Jun-related factors TGAGTCA Subfamily: Jun factors TGAGTCA c-Jun   UniProt T00131 UniProt UniProt PDB JunB   UniProt T00436 UniProt UniProt JunD   UniProt T00437 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NF-E2-like factors GCTGAGTCA NF-E2 p45 UniProt T01441 UniProt UniProt NF-E2L1 (NRF1)   UniProt T02203 UniProt UniProt NF-E2L1, isoform 1 (Nrf1a)   UniProt T09558 NF-E2L1, isoform 2 (Nrf1b)   UniProt T28874 NF-E2L1, isoform 3 (short)   UniProt T13800 NF-E2L2 (NRF2)   UniProt T04938 UniProt UniProt NF-E2L3 (NRF3)   UniProt T05710 UniProt UniProt BACH1   UniProt T04793 UniProt UniProt BACH2   UniProt T04792 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ATF-2-like factors TGACGTCA ATF-2   UniProt T10238 UniProt UniProt PDB ATF-2, isoform 1   UniProt T02056 ATF-2, isoform 2   UniProt T01017 ATF-2, isoform 3   UniProt T02036 ATF-7 UniProt T19847 UniProt UniProt CREB-5 (CRE-BPa) UniProt T18881 UniProt UniProt CREB-5, isoform 1   UniProt T18880 CREB-5, isoform 2   UniProt T18882  
  1.1.2 Family: Fos-related factors (TGAGTCA) Subfamily: Fos factors (TGAGTCA) c-Fos   UniProt T00122 UniProt UniProt PDB FosB   UniProt T10574 UniProt UniProt Fra-1   UniProt T00292 UniProt UniProt Fra-2   UniProt T02199 UniProt UniProt Fra-2, isoform 1   UniProt T08535 Fra-2, isoform 2   UniProt T26121 Subfamily: ATF-3-like factors TGACGTCA ATF-3   UniProt T08977 UniProt UniProt ATF-3, isoform 1   UniProt T04850 ATF-3, isoform 2 (ATF-3b)     T08976 JDP-2 UniProt T19034 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.3 Family: Maf-related factors TGCTGACTCAGCA Subfamily: Large Maf factors TGCTGACTCAGCA c-Maf   UniProt T01432 UniProt UniProt c-Maf, isoform 1   UniProt T09212 c-Maf, isoform 2   UniProt T26181 c-Maf, isoform 3   UniProt T26182 MafA   UniProt T08226 UniProt UniProt MafB UniProt T01439 UniProt UniProt PDB Nrl UniProt T01438 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Small Maf factors TGCTGACTCAGCA MafF UniProt T05751 UniProt UniProt MafG UniProt T05750 UniProt UniProt MafK UniProt T01435 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.4 Family: B-ATF-related factors TGAGTCA B-ATF   UniProt T19854 UniProt UniProt B-ATF-2   UniProt T UniProt UniProt B-ATF-2, isoform 1   UniProt T B-ATF-2, isoform 2   UniProt T B-ATF-3 UniProt T18807 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.5 Family: XBP-1-related factors GGATGACGTGTACA XBP-1 UniProt T08152 UniProt UniProt XBP-1U   UniProt T19362 XBP-1S   UniProt T11222  
  1.1.6 Family: ATF-4-related factors TGACGTCA ATF-4 UniProt T08444 UniProt UniProt ATF-5   UniProt T16632 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.7 Family: CREB-related factors TGACGTCA Subfamily: CREB-like factors TGACGTCA CREB (CREB-1)   UniProt T02280 UniProt UniProt PDB CREB, isoform 1 (CREBα)   UniProt T00989 CREB, isoform 2 (CREBΔ)   UniProt T01311 CREB, isoform 3 (CREBβ)     T02361 CREB, isoform 4 (CREBω)     T01312 ATF-1   UniProt T01304 UniProt UniProt CREM   UniProt T10306 UniProt UniProt CREM-τ, isoform 1 (CREM-BCEFGγHIβ)   UniProt T01320 CREM-α, isoform 2   UniProt T01314 CREM-β, isoform 3   UniProt T01315 CREM-γ, isoform 4   UniProt T01316 CREM-ταγ, isoform 5   UniProt T26061 CREM-τ2α, isoform 6   UniProt T26062 CREM-τ1α, isoform 7   UniProt T26063 CREM-τ1αγ, isoform 8   UniProt T26064 CREM-τ1γ, isoform 9   UniProt T26065 CREM-αγ, isoform 10   UniProt T26376 Subfamily: CREB-3-like factors TGACGTCA CREB-3 (Luman, LZIP) UniProt T18876 UniProt UniProtF CREB-3, isoform 1 (LZIP-1)   UniProt T18875 LZIP, isoform 2 (LZIP-2)   UniProt T18874 CREB-3L1 (OASIS) UniProt T18855 UniProt UniProt CREB-3L1, isoform 1   UniProt T18854 CREB-3L1, isoform 2   UniProt T18853 CREB-3L2 UniProt T15600 UniProt UniProt CREB-3L3 (CREB-H)   UniProt T18861 UniProt UniProt CREB-3L4 (AIBZIP)   UniProt T18868 UniProt UniProt CREB-3L4, isoform 1 (Tisp40β)   UniProt T18866 CREB-3L4, isoform 2 (Tisp40α)   UniProt T18867 Subfamily: ATF-6 factors TGACGTGG ATF-6α   UniProt T26785 UniProt UniProt ATF-6β   UniProt T18795 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: CREBZF-like factors TGACGTCA CREBZF (Zhangfei, ZF)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: CREBL2-like factors TGACGTCA CREBL2   UniProt T19897 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.8 Family: C/EBP-related ATTGCGCAAT Subfamily: C/EBP ATTGCGCAAT C/EBPα   UniProt T08464 UniProt UniProt PDB C/EBPβ (NF-IL6-1) UniProt T09409 UniProt UniProt PDB C/EBPβ, isoform 1 (C/EBPβ-FL)   UniProt T00017 C/EBPβ, isoform 2 (C/EBPβ-LAP)   UniProt C/EBPβ, isoform 3 (C/EBPβ-LIP)   UniProt T02360 C/EBPγ UniProt T00216 UniProt UniProt C/EBPδ UniProt T01114 UniProt UniProt C/EBPε UniProt T16653 UniProt UniProt DDIT3 (CHOP-10)   UniProt T00127 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: PAR factors TTATGCAA DBP UniProt T05865 UniProt UniProt HLF UniProt T19989 UniProt UniProt TEF UniProt T10579 UniProt UniProt TEF-α   UniProt T10575 TEF-β   UniProt T10576 TEF, isoform 2   UniProt T10577 NF-IL3 (E4BP4) UniProt T16464 UniProt UniProt  
  1.1.0 Family: ZIP only Subfamily: TSC22 TSC22D1 (TSC-22, Cerebral protein 2)   UniProt T27854 UniProt UniProt TSC22D1, isoform 1   UniProt T27936 TSC22D1, isoform 2   UniProt T27360 TSC22D1, isoform 3   UniProt T27937 TSC22D2 (TILZ4)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt TSC22D3 (DSIPI, GILZ)   UniProt T22155 UniProt UniProt TSC22D3, isoform 1 (Tilz3b)   UniProt T25737 TSC22D3, isoform 2 (Tilz3a)   UniProt T25738 TSC22D3, isoform 3 (Tilz3c)   UniProt T25739 TSC22D4 (TILZ2)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: UTF UTF1   UniProt T09523 UniProt UniProt UTF1, isoform 1   UniProt T08886 UTF1, isoform 2   UniProt T26349  
  1.2 Class: Basic helix-loop-helix factors (bHLH) TRANSFAC class description Further information
  1.2.1 Family: E2A-related factors CAGGTG E2A (TCF-3, ITF-1) UniProt T10541 UniProt UniProt PDB E12 (PAN-2)   UniProt T01786 E47 (PAN-1)   UniProt T01788 SEF2 (E2-2, TCF-4, ITF-2, MITF) UniProt T19028 UniProt UniProt SEF2, isoform 1 (MITF-2A)   UniProt T19025 SEF2, isoform 2 (MITF-2B)   UniProt T19027 SEF2, isoform 3 (MITF-2BΔ)   UniProt T19026 HTF-4 (TCF-12, HEB)   UniProt T09513 UniProt UniProt HTF-4a, isoform 1 (ME1A; α)   UniProt T01496 HTF-4b, isoform 2 (ME1B; γ)   UniProt T01497  
  1.2.2 Family: MyoD / ASC-related factors CAGGTG Subfamily: Myogenic transcription factors MyoD (Myod1)   UniProt T00506 UniProt UniProt PDB Myogenin (Myog, Myf-4)   UniProt T00528 UniProt UniProt Myf-5   UniProt T01534 UniProt UniProt Myf-6 (MRF4) UniProt T16555 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Achaete-Scute-like factors ASH-1 (ASCL1)   UniProt T01619 UniProt UniProt ASH-2 (ASCL2) UniProt T16775 UniProt UniProt ASH-3 (ASCL3)   UniProt T19843 UniProt UniProt ASH-4 (ASCL4)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ASH-5 (ASCL5)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt  
  1.2.3 Family: Tal-related factors CAGCTG Subfamily: Tal / HEN-like factors CAGCTG Tal-1 (SCL, TCL-5)   UniProt T16151 UniProt UniProt Tal-2   UniProt T01631 UniProt UniProt Lyl-1   UniProt T UniProt UniProt HEN1 (NSCL-1, NHLH1) UniProt T01655 UniProt UniProt HEN2 (NSCL-2, NHLH2)   UniProt T01657 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Twist-like factors CGTCTG Twist-1 (H-Twist, M-Twist)   UniProt T01635 UniProt UniProt Twist-2 (Dermo-1)   UniProt T02404 UniProt UniProt HAND-1 (eHAND, Th1)   UniProt T01569 UniProt UniProt HAND-2 (dHAND)   UniProt T04370 UniProt UniProt bHLH-EC2 (TCF-15)   UniProt T01613 UniProt UniProt Scx   UniProt T19232 UniProt UniProt PTF-1a   UniProt T01227 UniProt UniProt FIGα UniProt T15614 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Mesp-like factors Mesp-1 UniProt T20013 UniProt UniProt Mesp-2   UniProt T06095 UniProt UniProt TCF-23   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ABF-1 (Musculin, MyoR, MSC) UniProt T05193 UniProt UniProt Pod-1 (TCF-21) UniProt T19300 UniProt UniProt Mesogenin-1 (MSGN1)   UniProt T20026 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Neurogenin / Atonal-like factors CAGCTG NeuroD1   UniProt T01626 UniProt UniProt PDB NeuroD2 UniProt T17539 UniProt UniProt NeuroD4 (ATH-3)   UniProt T20046 UniProt UniProt NeuroD6 (ATH-2)   UniProt T01629 UniProt UniProt NGN-1 (NeuroD3)   UniProt T08093 UniProt UniProt NGN-2 (Atoh4, NeuroG2) UniProt T08094 UniProt UniProt NGN-3 (Atoh5, NeuroG3)   UniProt T06058 UniProt UniProt ATH-1 (ATOH-1) UniProt T01668 UniProt UniProt ATH-5 (ATOH-7)   UniProt T18802 UniProt UniProt ATH-6 (ATOH-8)   UniProt T19852 UniProt UniProt bHLHe22 (Beta3) UniProt T UniProt UniProt bHLHe23 UniProt T UniProt UniProt OLIGO1 UniProt T05853 UniProt UniProt OLIGO2 UniProt T05852 UniProt UniProt OLIGO3 UniProt T20054 UniProt UniProt MIST1 (bHLHa15) UniProt T UniProt UniProt Fer3L (Ferd3L)   UniProt T19925 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: bHLHa9-like factors bHLHa9   UniProt T UniProt UniProt  
  1.2.4 Family: Hairy-related factors CACGAG Subfamily: Hairy-like factors CACGAG HES-1   UniProt T09896 UniProt UniProt HES-2   UniProt T UniProt UniProt HES-3   UniProt T05081 UniProt UniProt HES-5 UniProt T18965 UniProt UniProt HES-6   UniProt T27825 UniProt UniProt HES-7 UniProt T19984 UniProt UniProt HEY-1 UniProt T05077 UniProt UniProt HEY-2 UniProt T05083 UniProt UniProt HEYL (HRT3)   UniProt T05082 UniProt UniProt HELT   UniProt T16559 UniProt UniProt DEC1 (STRA-13, bHLHb2) UniProt T02327 UniProt UniProt DEC2 (bHLHb3) UniProt T05845 UniProt UniProt  
  1.2.5 Family: PAS domain factors CACGC Subfamily: Ahr-like factors CACGC AhR   UniProt T00194 UniProt UniProt AhRR   UniProt T18746 UniProt UniProt AhRR, isoform 1   UniProt T05429 AhRR, isoform 2   UniProt T26012 AhRR, isoform 3   UniProt T26013 SIM1   UniProt T20110 UniProt UniProt SIM2   UniProt T19235 UniProt UniProt HIF-1α   UniProt T04666 UniProt UniProt HIF-1α, isoform 1   UniProt T18977 HIF-1α, isoform 2   UniProt T26140 HIF-3α   UniProt T18986 UniProt UniProt HIF-3α, isoform 1   UniProt T18988 HIF-3α, isoform 2   UniProt T18987 EPAS-1   UniProt T02719 UniProt UniProt NPAS-1   UniProt T05876 UniProt UniProt NPAS-3   UniProt T05878 UniProt UniProtF Subfamily: Arnt-like factors CACGTG Arnt (HIF-1β)   UniProt T01797 UniProt UniProt Arnt long, isoform 1   UniProt T10458 Arnt short, isoform 2   UniProt T18790 Arnt-2   UniProt T18787 UniProt UniProt Arnt-2, isoform 1   UniProt T18785 Arnt-2, isoform 2   UniProt T18786 ArntL (Bmal1) UniProt T05869 UniProt UniProt ArntL, isoform 1 (b')   UniProt T10228 ArntL, isoform 2 (b)   UniProt T18818 ArntL, isoform 3   UniProt T18819 ArntL, isoform 4   UniProt T18820 ArntL, isoform 5 (g')   UniProt T18821 ArntL2 (Bmal2)   UniProt T05874 UniProt UniProt ArntL2, isoform 1 (Bmal2a)   UniProt T11140 ArntL2, isoform 2 (Bmal2b)   UniProt T26045 CLOCK UniProt T05868 UniProt UniProt CLOCK, isoform Long   UniProt T10259 CLOCK, isoform Short   UniProt T18843 NPAS-2   UniProt T05877 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NCoA factors NCoA-1 (SRC-1)   UniProt T04639 UniProt UniProt NCoA-1, isoform 1 (SRC-1A)   UniProt T25725 NCoA-1, isoform 2 (SRC-1E)   UniProt T09181 NCoA-1, isoform 3   UniProt T26206 NCoA-1, isoform 4   UniProt T26207 NCoA-2   UniProt T02482 UniProt UniProt NCoA-3   UniProt T04638 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NPAS-4 CACGA NPAS-4   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: SOHLH-like factors SOHLH1 (TEB2)   UniProt T20117 UniProt UniProt SOHLH2 (TEB1)   UniProt T19246 UniProt UniProt TCFL5 (Cha, E2BP-1)   UniProt T17742 UniProt UniProtF  
  1.2.6 Family: bHLH-ZIP factors CACATG Subfamily: TFE3-like factors CACATG TFE3 (TFEA) UniProt T09192 UniProt UniProt TFE3, isoform 1   UniProt T19333 TFE3, isoform 2   UniProt T26336 TFE3, isoform 3   UniProt T26337 TFE3, isoform 4   UniProt T26338 TFEB UniProt T06082 UniProt UniProt TFEC UniProt T14666 UniProt UniProt MiTF   UniProt T01554 UniProt UniProt MiTF, isoform A   UniProt T19067 MiTF, isoform A1   UniProt T19068 MiTF, isoform A2   UniProt T19066 MiTF, isoform H   UniProt T19065 MiTF, isoform H1   UniProt T19069 MiTF, isoform H2   UniProt T19070 MiTF, isoform H3   UniProt T19071 MiTF, isoform M   UniProt T09287 MiTF, isoform M1   UniProt T19072 Subfamily: USF factors CACGTG USF-1 UniProt T00877 UniProt UniProt PDB USF-2   UniProt T01555 UniProt UniProt USF-2A   UniProt T08315 USF-2B   UniProt T11000 Subfamily: SREBP factors ATCACCCCAC SREBP-1 (SREBF1) UniProt T10488 UniProt UniProt PDB SREBP-1A   UniProt T15263 SREBP-1A-W42   UniProt T26305 SREBP-1C   UniProt T08890 SREBP-1C-W42   UniProt T26306 SREBP-2 (SREBF2) UniProt T15631 UniProt UniProt SREBP-2, isoform 1   UniProt T19272 SREBP-2, isoform 2   UniProt T26307 Subfamily: AP-4 CAGCTG AP-4 UniProt T16526 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Myc / Max factors CACGTG c-Myc   UniProt T00143 UniProt UniProt PDB N-Myc   UniProt T01445 UniProt UniProt L-Myc-1   UniProt T02387 UniProt UniProt Max UniProt T16608 UniProt UniProt PDB B-Myc   UniProt T10695   UniProt Subfamily: Mondo-like factors CACGTG Mlx (Tcfl4) UniProt T05123 UniProt UniProt Mlxα   UniProt T19092 Mlxβ   UniProt T08952 Mlxγ   UniProt T19093 MondoA (Mlx-IP)   UniProt T05125 UniProt UniProt Mlx-IP, isoform 1   UniProt T18651 Mlx-IP, isoform 2   UniProt T18652 MondoB (Mlx-IPL, WS-bHLH) UniProt T05122 UniProt UniProt Mlx-IPL, isoform 1 (ζ)   UniProt T14593 Mlx-IPL, isoform 2 (ϑ)   UniProt T26195 Mlx-IPL, isoform 3 (ι)   UniProt T26196 Mlx-IPL, isoform 4 (κ)   UniProt T26197 Mlx-IPL, isoform 5 (η)   UniProt T26198 Subfamily: Mad-like factors CACGTG Mad1 (MXD1)   UniProt T02390 UniProt UniProt PDB Mad3 (MXD3)   UniProt T02391 UniProt UniProt Mad4 (MXD4)   UniProt T02392 UniProt UniProt Mad5 (MGA) =   UniProt T03940 UniProt UniProt Mad5, isoform 1   UniProt T14744 Mad5, isoform 2   UniProt T26191 Mad5, isoform 3   UniProt T26192 Mad5, isoform 4   UniProt T26193 Mxi-1   UniProt T09074 UniProt UniProt Mxi-1, isoform 1 (long)   UniProt T09075 Mxi-1, isoform 2 (short)   UniProt T09076 Mnt UniProt T03269 UniProt UniProtF  
  1.2.8 Family: HLH domain only Id1   UniProt T00403 UniProt UniProt Id1, isoform Long   UniProt T25726 Id1, isoform Short   UniProt T09185 Id2   UniProt T00404 UniProt UniProt Id3   UniProt T00367 UniProt UniProt Id4 UniProt T01658 UniProt UniProt  
  1.3 Class: Basic helix-span-helix factors (bHSH) TRANSFAC class description Further information
  1.3.1 Family: AP-2 GCCTGAGGC AP-2α UniProt T10025 UniProt UniProt AP-2α, isoform 1   UniProt T00033 AP-2α, isoform 2   UniProt T02488 AP-2α, isoform 3   UniProt T02489 AP-2α, isoform 4   UniProt T02490 AP-2β UniProt T02469 UniProt UniProt AP-2γ UniProt T02470 UniProt UniProt AP-2δ   UniProt T06431 UniProt UniProt AP-2ε   UniProt T16752 UniProt UniProt  

2 Superclass: Zinc-coordinating DNA-binding domains TRANSFAC class description
  2.1 Class: Nuclear receptors with C4 zinc fingers TRANSFAC class description Further information
  2.1.1 Family: Steroid hormone receptors (NR3) Subfamily: GR-like receptors (NR3C) AGAACATGATGTTCT Glucocorticoid receptor (GR) (NR3C1) UniProt T00335 UniProt UniProt PDB GR, isoform 1 (A, 1-A)   UniProt T08555 GR, isoform 2 (B, 2-A)   UniProt T18951 GR, isoform 1-B   UniProt GR, isoform 2-B   UniProt Mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) (NR3C2) UniProt T17766 UniProt UniProt Progesterone receptor (PR) (NR3C3)   UniProt T04680 UniProt UniProt PDB Androgen receptor (AR) (NR3C4) UniProt T00041 UniProt UniProt PDB Subfamily: ER-like receptors (NR3A&B) AGGTCACAGTGACCT Estrogen receptor α (ERα) (ESR1, NR3A1) UniProt T00259 UniProt UniProt PDB Estrogen receptor β (ERβ) (NR3A2)   UniProt T17427 UniProt UniProt ERβ1, isoform 1   UniProt T18909 ERβ2, isoform 2   UniProt T18910 ERβ2A, isoform 3 (5A)   UniProt T18912 ERβ3, isoform 4   UniProt T26417 ERβ4, isoform 5   UniProt T26418 ERR1 (ERRα, ESRRA) (NR3B1) UniProt T04849 UniProt UniProt ERR2 (ERRβ, ESRRB) (NR3B2) UniProt T06175 UniProt UniProt PDB ERR3 (ERRγ, ESRRG) (NR3B3) UniProt T14585 UniProt UniProt ERR3, isoform 1   UniProt T04644 ERR3, isoform 2   UniProt T04647  
  2.1.2 Family: Thyroid hormone receptor-related factors (NR1) Subfamily: Retinoic acid receptors (NR1B) TGACCTTTGACCT RAR-α (NR1B1) UniProt T01327 UniProt UniProt PDB RAR-α1   UniProt T01335 RAR-α2   UniProt T01336 RAR-β (NR1B2) UniProt T01328 UniProt UniProt RAR-β1   UniProt T01337 RAR-β2   UniProt T01338 RAR-β3   UniProt T01339 RAR-β4   UniProt T01361 RAR-γ (NR1B3) UniProt T01329 UniProt UniProt RAR-γ, isoform 1 (A)   UniProt T01340 RAR-γ, isoform 2 (B)   UniProt T26259 RAR-γ, isoform 3   UniProt T26260 Subfamily: Thyroid hormone receptors (NR1A) TGACCTGAAATGACCT T3R-α (THRA) (NR1A1) UniProt T08894 UniProt UniProt T3R-α1   UniProt T00836 T3R-α2   UniProt T01173 T3R-α3   UniProt T17546 T3R-αΔE6   UniProt T26340 T3R-β (NR1A2) UniProt T08896 UniProt UniProt PDB T3R-β1   UniProt T04722 T3R-β2   UniProt T04723 Subfamily: Rev-ErbA (NR1D) TGACCTAGTGACCT Rev-ErbAα (NR1D1)   UniProt T06117 UniProt UniProt Rev-ErbAβ (NR1D2)   UniProt T04896 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Vitamin D receptor (NR1I) TGACCTTCGTGACCT VDR (NR1I1) UniProt T00883 UniProt UniProt PDB PXR (NR1I2)   UniProt T08235 UniProt UniProt PXR, isoform 1 (PXR.1)   UniProt T04618 PXR, isoform 2 (PXR.2)   UniProt T04619 CAR (NR1I3)   UniProt T05687 UniProt UniProt CAR1   UniProt T08261 CAR2   UniProt T02755 Subfamily: PPAR (NR1C) TGACCTTTGACCT PPARα (NR1C1)   UniProt T00694 UniProt UniProt PPARβ (PPARδ) (NR1C2)   UniProt T04781 UniProt UniProt PDB PPARγ (NR1C3)   UniProt T05347 UniProt UniProt PDB PPARγ1, isoform 1   UniProt T02529 PPARγ2, isoform 2   UniProt T05332 Subfamily: ROR (NR1F) TGACCTACTTAT RORα (NR1F1) UniProt T06119 UniProt UniProtF RORα1   UniProt T09284 RORα2   UniProt RORα3   UniProt RORα4   UniProt T15650 RORβ (NR1F2)   UniProt T17581 UniProt UniProt RORβ, isoform 1   UniProt T19213 RORβ, isoform 2   UniProt T17683 RORγ (NR1F3)   UniProt T10351 UniProt UniProt RORγ, isoform 1   UniProt T06118 RORγ, isoform 2 (RORgT)   UniProt T10350 Subfamily: LXR (NR1H) TGACCTCTACTGACCT LXRα (NR1H3)   UniProt T04430 UniProt UniProt LXRβ (NR1H2)   UniProt T04467 UniProt UniProt FXR (NR1H4)   UniProt T02753 UniProt UniProt FXR, isoform 1   UniProt T09890 FXR, isoform 2   UniProt T09299  
  2.1.3 Family: RXR-related receptors (NR2) (TGACCT) Subfamily: Retinoid X receptors (NR2B) (TGACCT) RXRα (NR2B1) UniProt T01331 UniProt UniProt PDB RXRβ (NR2B2) UniProt T01332 UniProt UniProtF RXRβ1, isoform long   UniProt T02779 RXRβ2, isoform short   UniProt T01366 RXRγ (NR2B3) UniProt T01333 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HNF-4 (NR2A) AGTCCAAAGTTCA HNF-4α (NR2A1) UniProt T01181 UniProt UniProt PDB HNF-4α, isoform long   UniProt T28928 HNF-4α, isoform short   UniProt T26145 HNF-4γ (NR2A2)   UniProt T06235 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Tailless-like receptors (NR2E) TGACCTTTGACCT Tlx (NR2E1) UniProt T02357 UniProt UniProt PNR (NR2E3)   UniProt T04861 UniProt Subfamily: Testicular receptors (NR2C) TGACCTCTGACCT TR2 (NR2C1)   UniProt T04847 UniProt UniProt TR2-11, isoform 1   UniProt T11074 TR2-9, isoform 2 (TR2-11-t)   UniProt T11075 TR4 (NR2C2) UniProt T16549 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: COUP-like receptors (NR2F) TGACCTTTGACCT COUP-TFI (NR2F1) UniProt T00994 UniProt UniProt PDB COUP-TFII (NR2F2)   UniProt T06154 UniProt UniProt EAR2 (NR2F6) UniProt T06163 UniProt UniProt  
  2.1.4 Family: NGFI-B-related receptors (NR4) TGACCTTT NGFI-B (Nur77, NR4A1)   UniProt T01348 UniProt UniProt PDB NURR1 (NR4A2) UniProt T10226 UniProt UniProt NURR1, isoform 1   UniProt T04312 NURR1, isoform 2 (NURR1A)   UniProt T10247 NOR1 (NR4A3, TEC)   UniProt T15963 UniProt UniProt NOR1, isoform α (long)   UniProt T19145 NOR1, isoform β (short, TECΔC)   UniProt T19146  
  2.1.5 Family: FTZ-F1-related receptors (NR5) TGACCTTG FTZ-F1 (SF-1) (NR5A1)   UniProt T08551 UniProt UniProt PDB FTZ-F1, isoform 1   UniProt T09519 FTZ-F1, isoform 2   UniProt T25132 LRH-1 (NR5A2)   UniProt T04754 UniProt UniProt  
  2.1.6 Family: GCNF-related receptors (NR6) TGAACTTGACTTGA GCNF (NR6A1)   UniProt T15701 UniProt UniProtF GCNF, isoform 1   UniProt T02772 GCNF, isoform 2   UniProt T26225 GCNF, isoform 3   UniProt T26226  
  2.1.7 Family: DAX-related receptors (NR0) TGACCTT DAX1 (NR0B1)   UniProt T04677 UniProt UniProt SHP (NR0B2)   UniProt T05321 UniProt UniProt  
  2.2 Class: Other C4 zinc finger-type factors TRANSFAC class description Further information
  2.2.1 Family: GATA-type zinc fingers Subfamily: Two zinc-finger GATA factors AGATAA GATA-1 (GF-1, EryF1, NF-E1)   UniProt T00305 UniProt UniProt PDB GATA-1, isoform 1   UniProt T08291 GATA-1, isoform 2 (GATA-1s)   UniProt T26130 GATA-2   UniProt T01302 UniProt UniProt GATA-3 UniProt T00310 UniProt UniProt GATA-4 UniProt T02532 UniProt UniProt GATA-5 UniProt T02685 UniProt UniProt GATA-6   UniProt T02686 UniProt UniProt GATA-6, isoform 1   UniProt T10208 GATA-6, isoform 2   UniProt T26132 Subfamily: Single GATA-type zinc-finger AGATAA GATAD1 (ODAG)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt GATAD1, isoform 1   UniProt T GATAD1, isoform 2   UniProt T p66-α (GATAD2A)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt p66-β (GATAD2B)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt p66-β, isoform 1   UniProt T p66-β, isoform 2   UniProt T RERE (ARG, ARP, ATN1L) =   UniProt T UniProt UniProt MTA1 =   UniProt T27821 UniProt UniProt MTA2 (MTA1L1, PID) =   UniProt T UniProt UniProt MTA3 =   UniProt T27832 UniProt UniProtF MTA3, isoform 1   UniProt T27227 MTA3, isoform 2   UniProt T27228 ZGLP1 (GLP-1)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt DNMT3A   UniProt T27827 UniProt UniProt DNMT3A, isoform 1   UniProt T27196 DNMT3A, isoform 2   UniProt T27868 DNMT3B   UniProt T UniProt UniProt DNMT3B, isoform 1   UniProt T DNMT3B, isoform 2   UniProt T DNMT3B, isoform 3   UniProt T DNMT3B, isoform 4   UniProt T DNMT3L   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ATRX (RAD54L, XH2)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PDB TRPS1 (GC79) =   UniProt T19349 UniProt UniProt  
  2.3 Class: C2H2 zinc finger factors TRANSFAC class description Further information
  2.3.1 Family: Three-zinc finger Krüppel-related factors Subfamily: Sp1-like factors GGGGCGGGG Sp1 UniProt T00752 UniProt UniProt PDB Sp1, isoform 1   UniProt T09118 Sp1, isoform 2 (Sp1-S)   UniProt T11472 Sp2   UniProt T06543 UniProt UniProt Sp2, isoform 1   UniProt T10134 Sp2, isoform 2   UniProt T10135 Sp3 UniProt T05840 UniProt UniProtF Sp3, isoform 1 (L-Sp3)   UniProt T19262 Sp3, isoform 2   UniProt T19261 Sp3, isoform 3 (M1-Sp3)   UniProt T26303 Sp4 UniProt T02414 UniProt UniProt Sp5   UniProt T19265 UniProt UniProt Sp6   UniProt T05074 UniProt UniProt Sp7   UniProt T20132 UniProt UniProt Sp8 UniProt T27853 UniProt UniProt Sp9   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Sp9, isoform 1   UniProt T Sp9, isoform 2   UniProt T Subfamily: Krüppel-like factors CCACACCCT KLF1 (EKLF)   UniProt T01676 UniProt UniProt KLF2 (LKLF)   UniProt T01677 UniProt UniProt KLF3 (BKLF)   UniProt T10980 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF4 (GKLF)   UniProt T02450 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF5 (CKLF, IKLF, BTEB2)   UniProt T05054 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF6 (CPBP, BCD1)   UniProt T19036 UniProt UniProt KLF7 (UKLF)   UniProt T26756 UniProt UniProtF KLF8 (BKLF)   UniProt T20006 UniProt UniProt KLF9 (BTEB1)   UniProt T04700 UniProt UniProt KLF10 (TIEG1)   UniProt T15844 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF11 (FKLF, TIEG2)   UniProt T17849 UniProt UniProt KLF12 (AP-2rep) UniProt T04701 UniProt UniProt KLF13 (BTEB3, NSLP1) UniProt T05052 UniProt UniProt KLF14 (BTEB5) UniProt T20000 UniProt UniProt KLF15 (KKLF)   UniProt T20002 UniProt UniProt PDB KLF16 (BTEB4, NSLP2) UniProt T05053 UniProt UniProt KLF17   UniProt T20004 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: EGR factors GCGTGGGCG EGR1 (Krox-24, Zif268) UniProt T10013 UniProt UniProt PDB EGR2 (Krox-20) UniProt T00454 UniProt UniProt EGR2, isoform long   UniProt T25981 EGR2, isoform short   UniProt T08340 EGR3 (PILOT) UniProt T05539 UniProt UniProt EGR4 UniProt T19919 UniProt UniProt  
  2.3.2 Family: Other factors with up to three adjacent zinc fingers Subfamily: Factors with 2-3 adjacent zinc fingers
and a BTB/POZ domain
TCCTGCTA ZBTB5 [2]   UniProt T19397 UniProt UniProt ZBTB8B [2]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB22 (ZNF297, BING1) [3]   UniProt T19377 UniProt UniProt ZBTB32 (ZNF538, FAZF) [3]   UniProt T15957 UniProt UniProt ZBTB32, isoform 1   UniProt T15956 ZBTB32, isoform 2   UniProt T15958 ZBTB34 [3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB37 [3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB43 (ZBTB22B, ZNF297B) [3]   UniProt T19385 UniProt UniProt PDB ZBTB46 (BTBD4, ZNF340) [2]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB46, isoform 1   UniProt T ZBTB46, isoform 2   UniProt T ZBTB33 (KAISO, ZNF348) [3]   UniProt T08299 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Factors with 2-3 adjacent zinc fingers
and a KRAB domain Subfamily: Factors with 2-3 adjacent zinc fingers
and a SCAN domain Subfamily: Other three adjacent zinc finger factors ZNF414 (Zfp414) [3]   UniProt T20584 UniProt UniProt ZNF414, isoform 1   UniProt T20583 ZNF414, isoform 2   UniProt T20585 ZNF511 (Zfp511) [3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF511, isoform 1   UniProt T ZNF511, isoform 2   UniProt T ZNF580 (Zfp580) [3]   UniProt T19527 UniProt UniProt ZNF740 (ZFP740) [3] UniProt T16895 UniProt UniProt ZNF740, isoform 1   UniProt T16894 ZNF740, isoform 2   UniProt T16897 ZNF740, isoform 3   UniProt T16898 ZFPM2 (ZNF89B, FOG2) = [3]   UniProt T18922 UniProt UniProtF ZFPM2, isoform 1   UniProt T18923 ZFPM2, isoform 2   UniProt T18924 ZFPM2, isoform 3   UniProt T18925 OSR1 (ODD) [3]   UniProt T16932 UniProt UniProt OVOL3 (OVL2L) [4]   UniProt T UniProt UniProtF, ? AEBP2 [2]   UniProt T18741 UniProt UniProt AEBP2, isoform 1   UniProt T18740 AEBP2, isoform 2   UniProt T18736 AEBP2, isoform 3   UniProt T18737 AEBP2, isoform 4   UniProt T18738 AEBP2, isoform 5   UniProt T18739  
  2.3.3 Family: More than 3 adjacent zinc finger factors Subfamily: GLI-like factors TGGGTGGTC GLI1 [5]   UniProt T06385 UniProt UniProt PDB GLI2 [5] UniProt T06386 UniProt UniProt GLI3 [5]   UniProt T06387 UniProt UniProt GLIS1 [5] UniProt T06390 UniProt UniProt GLIS1, isoform 1   UniProt T11184 GLIS1, isoform 2   UniProt T26134 GLIS2 (NKL) [5] UniProt T UniProt UniProt GLIS3 (ZNF515) [5] UniProt T17410 UniProt UniProt GLIS3, isoform 1   UniProt T18954 GLIS3, isoform 2   UniProt T15909 ZIC1 (ZNF201) [5] UniProt T04669 UniProt UniProt ZIC2 [5]   UniProt T04670 UniProt UniProt ZIC3 (ZNF203) [5] UniProt T04671 UniProt UniProt PDB ZIC3, isoform 1 (ZIC3A)   UniProt T14517 ZIC3, isoform 2 (ZIC3B)   UniProt T26531 ZIC4 [5] UniProt T UniProt UniProtF ZIC5 [4]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Snail-like factors CACCTG SNAI1 [4]   UniProt T02333 UniProt UniProt SNAI2 (SLUG) [5] UniProt T19238 UniProt UniProt SNAI3 (ZNF293) [5]   UniProt T10589 UniProt UniProt SCRT1 [5] UniProt T20104 UniProt UniProt SCRT2 [5] UniProt T20108 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZFP91-like factors ZFP91 (ZNF757) [5]   UniProt T19408 UniProt UniProt ZFP91, isoform 1   UniProt T19407 ZFP91, isoform 2   UniProt T26362 ZNF692 [5]   UniProt T19554 UniProt UniProt PDB ZNF276 (ZFP276, ZNF477) [5]   UniProt T20488 UniProt UniProt ZNF276, isoform 1   UniProt T20487 ZNF276, isoform 2   UniProt T20489 ZNF653 (ZIP67) [5]   UniProt T20934 UniProt UniProt ZNF653, isoform 1   UniProt T20933 ZNF653, isoform 2   UniProt T20935 Subfamily: ZNF280-like zinc finger factors ZNF280B (SUHW2, ZNF279, ZNF632, Zfp280b) [4]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF280C (SUHW3, ZNF633, Zfp280c) [5]   UniProt T20167 UniProt UniProt ZNF280D (SUHW4, ZNF634) [5]   UniProt T20177 UniProt UniProt ZNF280D, isoform 1   UniProt T20176 ZNF280D, isoform 2   UniProt T20178 ZNF280D, isoform 3   UniProt T20179 POGZ (SUHW5, ZNF280E, ZNF635) [9]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PDB Subfamily: ZSCAN5-like zinc finger factors Subfamily: ZNF75-like zinc finger factors Subfamily: ZNF705 factors Subfamily: ZBTB7 factors GACCCC ZBTB7A [4] UniProt T08304 UniProt UniProt ZBTB7A, isoform 1   UniProt T19395 ZBTB7A, isoform 2   UniProt T08303 ZBTB7B [4] UniProt T09541 UniProt UniProt ZBTB7C [4] UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: YY1-like factors GCCATCTTG YY1 [4] UniProt T00278 UniProt UniProt PDB YY2 (ZNF631) [4] UniProt T17589 UniProt UniProt ZFP42 (REX1, ZNF754) [4]   UniProt T00727 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF24-like factors TCAT ZNF24 (KOX17, ZNF191, ZSCAN3) [4]   UniProt T21161 UniProt UniProt PDB ZKSCAN1 (KOX18, ZNF139, ZNF36) [6]   UniProt T20343 UniProt UniProt ZKSCAN1, isoform 1   UniProt T20342 ZKSCAN1, isoform 2   UniProt T20344 Subfamily: ZBTB6-like factors ZBTB6 (ZID, ZNF482) [4]   UniProt T19399 UniProt UniProt ZBTB26 (ZNF481) [4]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB12 (NG35) [4]   UniProt T16838 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: PRDM1-like factors AAGTGAAAGT PRDM1 (BLIMP1) [4] UniProt T02316 UniProt UniProt PRDM1, isoform 1   UniProt T14505 PRDM1, isoform 2 (1A)   UniProt T26255 PRDM1, isoform 3 (1B)   UniProt T26256 PRDM1, isoform 4 (1C)   UniProt T26257 PRDM1, isoform 5 (delta exon 7)   UniProt T26258 Subfamily: ZNF148-like factors CACCC ZNF148 (ZBP89, Zfp148) [4]   UniProt T08694 UniProt UniProt ZNF281 (GZP1, ZBP99, Zfp281) [4]   UniProt T16856 UniProt Subfamily: ZBTB20-like factors ZBTB20 (DPZF, ZNF288, HOF) [5]   UniProt T15597 UniProt UniProt ZBTB20, isoform 1 (HOF-L)   UniProt T15595 ZBTB20, isoform 2 (HOF-S)   UniProt T15596 ZBTB45 (ZNF499) [4]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF524-like factors ZNF524 (Zfp524) [4] UniProt T20724 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF238-like factors AACATCTGGA ZNF238 (RP58, TAZ1, ZBTB18) [4] UniProt T16607 UniProt UniProt ZBTB42 [4]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB42, isoform 1   UniProt T ZBTB42, isoform 2   UniProt T Subfamily: OVOL-factors GCGGGGG OVOL1 [4]   UniProt T08547 UniProt UniProt OVOL2 (mOVO, ZNF339) [4]   UniProt T08543 UniProt UniProt OVOL2, isoform 1 (MOVO-A)   UniProt T08542 OVOL2, isoform 2 (MOVO-C)   UniProt T08545 OVOL2, isoform 3 (MOVO-B)   UniProt T08544 Subfamily: ZNF56-like factors Subfamily: ZNF500-like factors ZKSCAN2 (ZNF694) [6]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZSCAN29 (ZNF690) [6]   UniProt T UniProt Subfamily: FEZF factors FEZF1 (ZNF312B) [6]   UniProt T19931 UniProt UniProt FEZF2 (FEZL, ZNF312) [6]   UniProt T19936 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: GFI1 factors AAATCACAGC GFI1 (ZNF163) [6]   UniProt T06593 UniProt UniProt PDB GFI1B [6]   UniProt T06585 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: BCL6 factors CTTTCTAGGAAT BCL6B (BAZF, ZNF62) [5] UniProt T16794 UniProt UniProt BCL6 (LAZ3, ZBTB27, ZNF51) [6]   UniProt T08156 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF212-like factors Subfamily: MTF1-like factors TGCACAC MTF1 [6] UniProt T00515 UniProt UniProt ZNF410 (APA1, Zfp410) [5] UniProt T16880 UniProt ZNF410, isoform 1   UniProt T16879 ZNF410, isoform 2   UniProt T16883 ZNF410, isoform 3   UniProt T16884 Subfamily: PLAG factors PLAGL2 [6]   UniProt T18384 UniProt UniProt PLAG1 [7]   UniProt T21518 UniProt UniProt PLAGL1 (LOT1, ZAC) [7]   UniProt T10142 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZKSCAN3-like factors TGAGGGG ZKSCAN3 (ZFP47, ZNF306, ZNF309, ZSCAN13) [7] UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZKSCAN4 (ZNF307, ZNF427) [7]   UniProt T UniProt UniProtF Subfamily: ZNF525-like factors Subfamily: ZNF76-like factors CCCATCATGCCTTGC ZNF76 (ZNF523, Zfp523) [7]   UniProt T19573 UniProt UniProt ZNF76, isoform 1   UniProt T25999 ZNF76, isoform 2   UniProt T26000 ZNF143 (SBF, STAF) [7] UniProt T18502 UniProt UniProt ZNF143, isoform 1   UniProt T18501 ZNF143, isoform 2   UniProt T26365 ZNF143, isoform 3   UniProt T26366 Subfamily: ZNF652-like factors ZNF652 (ZFP652) [9] UniProt T20929 UniProt UniProt ZNF652, isoform 1   UniProt T20928 ZNF652, isoform 2   UniProt T20930 Subfamily: ZNF350-like factors TGGgttCAGactTTG Subfamily: ZNF642-like factors ZNF583 [12]   UniProt T20839 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF679-like factors Subfamily: ZNF763-like factors Subfamily: ZNF3-like factors Subfamily: ZNF620-like factors Subfamily: ZNF324 factors Subfamily: ZNF362-like factors Subfamily: ZNF282-like factors TCCACCCC Subfamily: ZNF764-like factors ZNF771 [8]   UniProt T21051 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF177-like factors Subfamily: ZNF32-like factors ZNF32 (KOX30, Zfp637) [7]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PDB ZNF32, isoform 1   UniProt T ZNF32, isoform 2   UniProt T ZIK1 (ZNF762) [9]   UniProt T20335 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF773-like factors Subfamily: ZNF558-like factors Subfamily: ZNF302-like factors ZNF2 (ZNF661, Zfp661) [9]   UniProt T21173 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF562-like factors Subfamily: ZXD-factors ZXDB [10]   UniProt T UniProt ZXDC (ZXDL) [10]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZXDC, isoform 1   UniProt T ZXDC, isoform 2   UniProt T ZXDC, isoform 3   UniProt T ZXDC, isoform 4   UniProt T Subfamily: ZNF222-like factors Subfamily: ZNF736-like factors Subfamily: ZNF286 factors Subfamily: CTCF-like factors CTCF [11] UniProt T02285 UniProt UniProt CTCFL (CTCF-T, BORIS) [11]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt CTCFL, isoform 1   UniProt T CTCFL, isoform 2   UniProt T Subfamily: ZNF366-like factors ZNF710 (Zfp710) [11]   UniProt T21014 UniProt ZNF710, isoform 1   UniProt T21013 ZNF710, isoform 2   UniProt T21015 ZNF710, isoform 3   UniProt T21016 Subfamily: ZNF322-like factors ZNF322A (ZNF322, ZNF388, ZNF489, Zfp322A) [11]   UniProt T20185 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF548-like factors Subfamily: ZNF460-like factors Subfamily: ZNF146-like factors ZNF146 [10]   UniProt T UniProt ZNF260 (ZFP260) [13]   UniProt T20476 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF214-like factors Subfamily: ZNF479-like factors Subfamily: ZNF180-like factors ZNF436 (Zfp46) [12]   UniProt T20615 UniProt UniProt ZSCAN2 (ZFP29, ZNF854) [14]   UniProt T21249 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF100-like factors ZNF431 (Zfp431, Zfp923) [13]   UniProt T23370 UniProt Subfamily: ZNF98-like factors Subfamily: ZNF343-like factors Subfamily: ZFP2-like factors ZFP2 (ZNF751, Mkr2) [13]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZFP2, isoform 1   UniProt ZFP2, isoform 2   UniProt T02335 Subfamily: ZFP30-like factors ZFP30 (ZNF745) [13]   UniProt T20292 UniProt ZFP82 (ZNF545) [13]   UniProt T20313 UniProt UniProt ZFP82, isoform 1   UniProt T20312 ZFP82, isoform 2   UniProt T20314 ZFP82, isoform 3   UniProt T28055 ZFP14 (ZNF531) [13]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF354A-like factors ZNF354A (EZNF, HKL1, TCF17, Zfp354a) [13]   UniProt T19363 UniProt UniProt ZNF354B (Zfp354b) [13]   UniProt T20196 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZFX/ZFY factors AGGCCC ZFX [13]   UniProt T16099 UniProt UniProt ZFY-1 [13]   UniProt T20325 UniProt PDB ZFY-2 [13]   UniProt T20327 UniProt PDB Subfamily: ZNF689-like factors ZNF689 (Zfp689) [12]   UniProt T20996 UniProt UniProt ZNF672 (Zfp672) [14]   UniProt T20968 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZFN283-like factors Subfamily: ZFN81-like factors Subfamily: ZFN25-like factors ZFP37 [12]   UniProt T21364 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZFN26-like factors Subfamily: ZFN300-like factors Subfamily: ZFN813-like factors Subfamily: ZNF816A-like factors Subfamily: ZNF442-like factors Subfamily: ZNF432-like factors Subfamily: ZNF665-like factors Subfamily: ZNF595-like factors Subfamily: ZNF14-like factors Subfamily: ZNF841-like factors Subfamily: ZNF99-like factors Subfamily: unclassified ZFP161 (ZBTB14, ZNF478, Zfp5) CTACCTGCACAGTTCACGGA UniProt T02349 UniProt UniProt ZNF496 (ZKSCAN17, Zfp496) UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF496, isoform 1   UniProt T ZNF496, isoform 2   UniProt T ZNF496, isoform 3   UniProt T OSR2   UniProt T16872 UniProt UniProt OSR2, isoform 1 (OSR2A)   UniProt T16871 OSR2, isoform 2 (OSR2B)   UniProt T16873 ZNF22 (KOX15, KROX26, Zfp422) CAATG UniProt T21157 UniProt UniProt ZFP41   UniProt T20302 UniProt UniProt ZNF18 (KOX11, ZKSCAN6, ZNF535, Zfp18, Zfp535)   UniProt T21150 UniProt UniProt WT1 CGCCCCCGC UniProt T02351 UniProt UniProt PDB WT1, isoform 1   UniProt T09249 WT1, isoform 2   UniProt T19358 WT1, isoform 3   UniProt T19356 WT1, isoform 4   UniProt T19357 WT1, isoform 5   UniProt T26353 WT1, isoform 6   UniProt T26354 PRDM6 (PFM3)   UniProt T27850 UniProt UniProt PRDM6, isoform 1   UniProt T27355 PRDM6, isoform 2   UniProt T27928 PRDM6, isoform 3   UniProt T27929 PRDM6, isoform 4   UniProt T27930 ZNF444 (EZF2, ZSCAN17, Zfp44)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF641 (Zfp641)   UniProt T20912 UniProt UniProt ZNF641, isoform 1   UniProt T20911 ZNF641, isoform 2   UniProt T20913 ZNF746 (PARIS, Zfp746) TATTTTT UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB44 (BTBD15, ZNF851)   UniProt T19390 UniProt UniProt ZBTB44, isoform 1   UniProt T19389 ZBTB44, isoform 2   UniProt T26360 ZNF655 (VIK, Zfp655) [6]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF131 [6]   UniProt T23316 UniProt UniProt ZNF131, isoform 1   UniProt T23324 ZNF131, isoform 2   UniProt T25958 ZNF131, isoform 3   UniProt T26363 PRDM14 [6] GGTCTCTAA UniProt T UniProt ZNF575 (Zfp575) [6]   UniProt T20823 UniProt UniProt ZBTB49 [7] UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB49, isoform 1   UniProt T ZBTB49, isoform 2   UniProt T ZBTB49, isoform 3   UniProt T ZNF691 (Zfp691) [7]   UniProt T16890 UniProt UniProt ZNF394 (ZKSCAN14, Zfp394, Zfp99) [7]   UniProt T20568 UniProt UniProt ZNF449 (ZSCAN19, Zfp449) [7]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF498 (ZSCAN25, Zfp498) [7]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZSCAN30 (ZNF397OS, Zfp397OS) [7]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZSCAN21 (ZFP38, ZNF38, Zipro1) [7]   UniProt T19587 UniProt MYNN (OSZF, ZBTB31) [8]   UniProt T20033 UniProt UniProt MYNN, isoform 1   UniProt T20032 MYNN, isoform 2   UniProt T20034 MYNN, isoform 3   UniProt T20035 ZBTB24 (ZNF450) [8]   UniProt T20221 UniProt UniProt ZBTB24, isoform 1   UniProt T20220 ZBTB24, isoform 2   UniProt T20223 ZBTB24, isoform 3   UniProt T20222 ZFP92 [8]   UniProt T21421 UniProt UniProt ZNF202 (ZKSCAN10, Zfp202) [8] GGGGTGGGGT UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF187 (ZSCAN26, SRE-ZBP, Zfp187) [8]   UniProt T16850 UniProt UniProt ZNF187, isoform 1   UniProt T16849 ZNF187, isoform 2   UniProt T16851 ZSCAN22 (HKR2, ZNF50) [8]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZFP1 (ZNF475) [8]   UniProt T20280 UniProt UniProt ZFP1, isoform 1   UniProt T20279 ZFP1, isoform 2   UniProt T20281 ZBTB16 (PLZF, ZNF145) [9] TAAAGTTTGATCTGTTC UniProt T08243 UniProt UniProt GTF3A (TFIIIA) [9]   UniProt T19312 UniProt UniProt PDB ZFP64 [9]   UniProt T19406 UniProt UniProt PDB ZFP64, isoform 1   UniProt T19405 ZFP64, isoform 2   UniProt ZFP64, isoform 3 [8]   UniProt ZNF358 (Zfp358) [9]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF263 (FPM315, ZKSCAN12, Zfp263) [9] GGGAGGAGG UniProt T22394 UniProt UniProt ZNF192 (ZKSCAN8, LD5-1, Zfp192) [9]   UniProt T23327 UniProt UniProt ZNF239 (HOK-2, MOK-2, Zfp239) [9]   UniProt T00510 UniProt UniProt ZNF664 (ZFOC1, ZNF196, Zfp664) [9]   UniProt T20951 UniProt UniProt GZF1 (ZBTB23, ZNF336) [10] TGCGCGTCTATA UniProt T08231 UniProt UniProt ZNF408 (PFM14, PRDM17, Zfp408) [10]   UniProt T UniProt ZNF648 (Zfp648) [10]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF768 (Zfp768) [10]   UniProt T21043 UniProt UniProt ZNF483 (ZKSCAN16) [11]   UniProt T UniProt ZBTB48 (HKR3, ZNF855) [11]   UniProt T20247 UniProt UniProt PDB ZBTB48, isoform 1   UniProt T20246 ZBTB48, isoform 2   UniProt T20248 ZNF275 (Zfp275) [11]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF354C (KID3) [11] CCACC UniProt T20198 UniProt UniProt ZSCAN12 (ZNF305, ZNF96) [11]   UniProt T21524 UniProt UniProt ZBTB40 [12]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF454 (Zfp454) [12]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF329 (Zfp329) [12]   UniProt T20524 UniProt UniProt ZFP90 (ZNF756) [13]   UniProt T20318 UniProt UniProt ZNF317 (Zfp317) [13]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt MZF1 (ZNF42, ZSCAN6) [13] AGTGGGGA UniProt T08517 UniProt UniProt ZNF879 (Zfp879) [13]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF167 (ZKSCAN7, ZNF448, ZNF64, Zfp167) [13]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF250 (ZNF647, Zfp647) [13]   UniProt T19444 UniProt UniProt ZFP3 (ZNF752) [13]   UniProt T20298 UniProt UniProt ZNF311 (ZFP31, Zscan20) [14]   UniProt T UniProt ZNF311, isoform 1   UniProt T ZNF311, isoform 2   UniProt T ZNF551 (KOX23, Zfp551) [14]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZSCAN10 (ZNF206) [14] GCGCATGCGC UniProt T18325 UniProt UniProt ZSCAN10, isoform 1   UniProt T18322 ZSCAN10, isoform 2   UniProt T18324 ZSCAN10, isoform 3   UniProt T18326 ZNF287 (ZKSCAN13) [14]   UniProt T21498 UniProt UniProt ZNF667 [15]   UniProt T20955 UniProt UniProt ZFP28 [15]   UniProt T20285 UniProt UniProt PDB ZFP28, isoform 1   UniProt T20284 ZFP28, isoform 2   UniProt T20286 ZNF182 (KOX14, ZNF21, Zfp182) [15]   UniProt T20399 UniProt UniProt PRDM5 (PFM2) [16] GGAGAGCAGG UniProt T20084 UniProt UniProt RBAK (ZNF769) [16]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF189 (Zfp189) [16]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF569 (Zfp74) [18]   UniProt T20803 UniProt ZNF271 (HZF7, ZNF-dp, ZNFEB, Zfp35) [19]   UniProt T00921 UniProt UniProt ZNF184 (Zfp184) [19]   UniProt T20403 UniProt ZFP62 [23]   UniProt T UniProt ZFP62, isoform 1   UniProt T ZFP62, isoform 2   UniProt T ZFP62, isoform 3   UniProt T  
  2.3.4 Family: Factors with multiple dispersed zinc fingers Subfamily: ZNF417-like factors Subfamily: ZNF219-like factors CCCCCA ZNF219 (Zfp219) [2+1+2+1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF536 (Zfp536) [2+4+1+2]   UniProt T20746 UniProt UniProt ZNF516 (Zfp516) [2+5+1+1+1]   UniProt T20711 UniProt UniProt ZNF217 (ZABC1) [1+3+1+2]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Sal-like factors SALL1 (Spalt-1, Sal-1, ZNF794) [2+3+2+2]   UniProt T19221 UniProt UniProt SALL2 (Spalt-2, Sal-2, ZNF795) [2+3+2]   UniProt T19225 UniProt UniProt SALL3 (Sal-3, ZNF796) [2+3+2+2]   UniProt T20099 UniProt UniProt SALL3, isoform 1 [2+3+2+2]   UniProt T20098 SALL3, isoform 2 [2+3]   UniProt T20100 SALL4 (ZNF797) [2+3+2+2]   UniProt T19229 UniProt UniProt SALL4, isoform 1 (Sall4a) [2+3+2+2]   UniProt T19228 SALL4, isoform 2 (Sall4b) [2]   UniProt T26286 SALL4, isoform 3 (Sall4c) [2]   UniProt T26287 Subfamily: Ikaros TTGGGAAT IKZF1 (IK1, IKAROS, Lyf-1, ZNFN1A1) [4+2]   UniProt T00479 UniProt UniProt IKZF1, isoform I [3+2]   UniProt T01469 IKZF1, isoform II [3+2]   UniProt T01470 IKZF1, isoform III [3+2]   UniProt T01471 IKZF1, isoform IV [1+2]   UniProt T01472 IKZF1, isoform V [2]   UniProt T01473 IKZF1, isoform VI   UniProt T19007 IKZF2 (HELIOS, ZNFN1A2, Zfpn1a2) [4+2]   UniProt T06012 UniProt UniProt IKZF2, isoform B   UniProt T11158 IKZF2, isoform A [3+2]   UniProt T19008 IKZF3 (Aiolos, ZNFN1A3) [4+2]   UniProt T05979 UniProt UniProt IKZF4 (EOS, ZNFN1A4, Zfpn1a4) [4+2]   UniProt T19017 UniProt UniProt IKZF4, isoform 1   UniProt T19016 IKZF4, isoform 2   UniProt T26152 IKZF4, isoform 3   UniProt T26153 IKZF4, isoform 4   UniProt T26154 IKZF5 (Pegasus, ZNFN1A5, Zfpn1a5) [3+2]   UniProt T19022 UniProt UniProt IKZF5, isoform 1   UniProt T19020 IKZF5, isoform 2   UniProt T19021 IKZF5, isoform 3   UniProt T26155 Subfamily: HIV EP-factors GGGACTTTCC HIV-EP1 (ZNF40, PRDII-BF1, MBP-1, CIRIP, GAAP) [2+1+2]   UniProt T00007 UniProt UniProtF HIV-EP2 (MBP-2, ZNF40B) [2+2]   UniProt T16993 UniProt UniProt HIV-EP3 (KBP1, KRC, ZAS3) [2+1+2]   UniProt T02315 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZBTB1-like factors ZBTB1 [1+1+6]   UniProt T20252 UniProt UniProt ZBTB2 (ZNF437) [1+3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB25 (KUP, ZNF46) [1+1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: RLF-like factors RLF [1+5+1+2+4+1]   UniProtF T UniProt ZNF292 (Zfp292) [1+5+1+1+2+4+1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PDB ZNF292, isoform 1   UniProt T ZNF292, isoform 2   UniProt T ZNF654 (Zfp654) [1+4]   UniProt T20939 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: MAZ-like factors GGGGAGGG MAZ (Zif87, ZNF801) [1+5]   UniProt T02303 UniProt UniProt VEZF1 (DB1, ZNF161) [1+5]   UniProt T10444 UniProt UniProt PATZ1 (RIAZ, ZBTB19, ZNF278, ZSG) [1+5+1]   UniProt T04796 UniProt UniProt PDB Subfamily: ZNF532-like factors ZNF532 (Zfp532) [1+6+3+2]   UniProt T20741 UniProt UniProt ZNF532, isoform 1   UniProt T20740 ZNF532, isoform 2   UniProt T20742 ZNF592 (Zfp592) [2+6+3+2]   UniProt T19534 UniProt UniProt ZNF687 (Zfp687) [1+5+2+2]   UniProt T20988 UniProt UniProt ZNF687, isoform 1   UniProt T20987 ZNF687, isoform 2 [1+5+2]   UniProt T20989 ZNF687, isoform 3 [1+5+2]   UniProt T20990 Subfamily: ZNF512-factors ZNF512 (Zfp512) [1+1+2]   UniProt T20697 UniProt UniProt PDB ZNF512B (Zfp512b) [2+3+2]   UniProtF T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF658-factors Subfamily: ZNF423-like factors GCACCCAAGGGTGC ZNF423 (OAZ, Zfp423) [1+7+5+7+10]   UniProt T06599 UniProt UniProt ZNF423, isoform 1   UniProt T15869 ZNF423, isoform 2   UniProt T15870 ZNF521 (EHZF, LIP3, Zpf521) [1+7+5+7+5+5]   UniProt T20719 UniProt UniProt ZNF521, isoform 1   UniProt T20718 ZNF521, isoform 2   UniProt T20720 Subfamily: ZNF639-like factors ZNF639 (ZASC1, Zfp639) [4+4]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF711 (CMPX1, ZNF6, Zfp711) [1+10]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Evi-1-like factors ACAAGATAA EVI-1 (MECOM) [7+3]   UniProt T00273 UniProt UniProt EVI-1, isoform 1   UniProt T10211 EVI-1, isoform 2   UniProt T25985 PRDM16 (MEL1, PFM13) [7+3]   UniProt T27849 UniProt UniProt PRDM16, isoform 1   UniProt T27353 PRDM16, isoform 2 (MEL1L)   UniProt T27927 PRDM16, isoform 3   UniProt T27354 Subfamily: BCL11 BCL11A (CTIP1, EVI9, ZNF856) [1+2]   UniProt T27831 UniProt UniProt BCL11A, isoform 1 (a) [1+2]   UniProt T27221 BCL11A, isoform 2 (b) [2]   UniProt T27873 BCL11A, isoform 3 (c) [1]   UniProt T27874 BCL11A, isoform 4 [2]   UniProt T27875 BCL11A, isoform 5 [1]   UniProt T27222 BCL11A, isoform 6 [1]   UniProt T27876 BCL11A, isoform 7 [0]   UniProt T27877 BCL11A, isoform 8 [2]   UniProt T27878 BCL11B (CTIP2, RIT1) [1+2+3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt BCL11B, isoform 1 (α)   UniProt T BCL11B, isoform 2 (β)   UniProt T BCL11B, isoform 3 (γ)   UniProt T ZNF296 (ZNF342) [1+2+3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Insulinoma-associated proteins INSM1 (IA-1) [2+1+2]   UniProt T16447 UniProt PDB INSM2 (IA-6) [2+3]   UniProt T21510 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Hypermethylated in Cancer proteins GGGTGCCCGG HIC1 (ZBTB29) [1+4] UniProt T06430 UniProt UniProtF HIC2 (HRG22, ZBTB30) [1+4] UniProt T18974 UniProt UniProt HIC2, isoform 1   UniProt T18976 HIC2, isoform 2 [1+1]   UniProt T18975 Subfamily: ZNF518 ZNF518A (Zfp518a) [4+1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF518B (Zfp518b) [2+1]   UniProt T21344 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Basonuclin BNC1 [2+2+2]   UniProt T05192 UniProt UniProt BNC2 [1+1+2]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt BNC2, isoform 1   UniProt T BNC2, isoform 2   UniProt T Subfamily: TRERF1-like factors TRERF1 (BCAR2, RAPA, TREP132) = [1+1+1]   UniProt T16489 UniProt UniProt TRERF1, isoform 1   UniProt T16488 TRERF1, isoform 2   UniProt T16490 TRERF1, isoform 3 [1]   UniProt T16491 TRERF1, isoform 4   UniProt T16492 ZNF541 (Ship1, Zfp541) [3+1+1] =   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF541, isoform 1   UniProt T ZNF541, isoform 2   UniProt T Subfamily: HINFP-like factors CGGACGTT HINFP (MIZF, ZNF743) [1+8] UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZFAT (ZFAT1, ZNF406, Zfp406) [1+1+7+10]   UniProt T20270 UniProt UniProt PDB ZFAT, isoform 1   UniProt T20269 ZFAT, isoform 2   UniProt T20271 Subfamily: ZNF526-like factors ZNF526 (Zfp526) [1+2+1+9]   UniProt T20728 UniProt UniProt ZNF526, isoform 1   UniProt T20727 ZNF526, isoform 2 [1+2+1+4]   UniProt T20729 ZNF574 [3+1+4+8+4]   UniProt T20819 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF319-like factors ZNF319 (Zfp319) [3+13]   UniProt T20516 UniProt UniProt ZNF786 (Zfp786) [2+14]   UniProt T21088 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ZNF134-like factors Subfamily: ZNF37A-like factors ZNF248 (Zfp248) [1+7]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF334 (Zfp334) [9+5]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF382 (KS1, Zfp382) [1+9]   UniProt T20560 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: unclassified CASZ1 (CST, SRG, ZNF693) [3+1+1+3]   UniProt T19862 UniProt UniProt CASZ1, isoform 1   UniProt T19861 CASZ1, isoform 2 [3+1]   UniProt T19863 ZNF335 (NIF-1, Zfp335) [1+8+4]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PRDM8 (PFM5) [1+2]   UniProt T20089 UniProt UniProt WIZ (ZNF803) [4+2+1+1+1+1+1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt WIZ, isoform L   UniProt T WIZ, isoform S [1+1+1+1+1+1]   UniProt T WIZ, isoform 2 [1+1+1+1+1]   UniProt T WIZ, isoform 3 [4]   UniProt T ZNF469 [1+1+3]   UniProtF T UniProt UniProt ZFPM1 (FOG1, ZFN89A) = [3+1]   UniProt T02334 UniProt UniProt ZBTB4 (KAISO-L1) [1+3+2]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PDB ZBTB38 [2+3+5]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB39 [2+3+3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF295 (ZBTB21) [2+1+2+2+1]   UniProt T UniProt PDB ZNF827 [3+4+2]   UniProt T21121 UniProt ZNF827, isoform 1   UniProt T21120 ZNF827, isoform 2 [2]   UniProt T21122 PRDM13 (PFM10) [1+3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PRDM13, isoform 1   UniProt T PRDM13, isoform 2   UniProt T ZNF646 (PFM10, Zfp646) [1+3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProtF ZNF579 (Zfp579) [3+2+3]   UniProt T20833 UniProt UniProt RREB1 (FINB, Zep-1, LZ321) [3+2+1+5+1+1+2] CCCCAAACACCCCC UniProt T17652 UniProt UniProt RREB1, isoform 1   UniProt T17651 RREB1, isoform 2 [3+2+1+5+1+1+2]]   UniProt T17653 RREB1, isoform 3 [3+2+1+5+2+1+2]   UniProt T17654 RREB1, isoform 4 [3+2+1+5+1]   UniProt T17655 PRDM2 (G3B, MTB-ZF, MTE-BP, KMT8, RIZ) [2+1+3+1+1] GTCATATGAC UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF800 (Zfp800) [1+3+2+1]   UniProt T21110 UniProt UniProt ZNF618 [3+1]   UniProt T21454 UniProt UniProtF ZNF618, isoform 1   UniProt T21453 ZNF618, isoform 2 [3]   UniProt T21455 ZNF277 (NRIF4, ZNF277P, Zfp277) [1+1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt TRPS1 (GC79) = [1+1+3+2]   UniProt T19349 UniProt UniProt ZNF451 (COASTER, Zfp451) [1+3+2+3+2]   UniProt T19504 UniProt UniProt ZNF438 [3+1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PEG3 (ZSCAN24) [4+1+5+2]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PEG3, isoform 1   UniProt PEG3, isoform 2 [2]   UniProt T22527 ZNF507 (Zfp507) [2+1+3+2+1]   UniProt T20688 UniProt UniProt ZNF236 (Zfp236) [9+4+4+4+4+5]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF770 (Zfp770) [3+3+1+2+2]   UniProt T21047 UniProt UniProt REST (NRSF, XBR) [1+7+1] TTCAGCACCACGGACAGCGCC UniProt T05934 UniProt UniProt REST, isoform 1   UniProt T09307 REST, isoform 2 (N16, REST4) [1+4]   UniProt T10486 REST, isoform 3 (N28) [1+4]   UniProt T26267 ZFP57 (ZNF698) [4+3] TTCAGCACCACGGACAGCGCC UniProt T20308 UniProt UniProt PDB ZFP57, isoform 1   UniProt T20307 ZFP57, isoform 2   UniProt T20309 ZNF8 (HF.18, Zfp128) [6+1]   UniProt T22794 UniProt UniProt ZNF597 (Zfp597) [4+3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PRDM4 (PFM1) [1+5] UniProt T18699 UniProt UniProt PRDM15 (ZNF298) [1+15]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBTB41 (FRBZ1) [1+13]   UniProt T20243 UniProt UniProt PRDM10 (PFM7, TRIS) [1+9]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PRDM10, isoform 1   UniProt PRDM10, isoform 2 [0]   UniProt ZNF341 (Zfp341) [1+2+9]   UniProt T UniProt UniProtF ZNF513 (Zfp513) [3+5]   UniProt T20703 UniProt UniProt ZNF513, isoform 1   UniProt T20702 ZNF513, isoform 2   UniProt T20704 ZNF142 (Zfp142) [14+17]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt FIZ1 (ZNF798) [4+2+5]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZNF628 (Zfp628) [7+2+6] CAAGGTTGGTTGC UniProt T08324 UniProt UniProt ZNF628, isoform 1   UniProt T08319 ZNF628, isoform 2 [7]   UniProt T26369 ZNF784 (Zfp784) [3+3] UniProt T21081 UniProt UniProt ZNF697 (Zfp697) [1+10]   UniProt T21002 UniProt UniProt ZKSCAN5 (ZFP95) [4+9]   UniProt T21526 UniProt UniProt ZNF316 (Zfp316) [6+9]   UniProt T20264 UniProt UniProt ZNF775 (Zfp775) [4+4+3]   UniProt T21063 UniProt UniProt ZNF467 (Zfp467) [7+5]   UniProt T19511 UniProt UniProt ZNF787 (TTF-I-IP20, Zfp787) [5+2]   UniProt T21090 UniProt UniProt ZNF48 (ZNF553, Zfp48, Zfp553) [8+2+2]   UniProt T21192 UniProt UniProt ZNF629 (ZNF65, Zfp629) [15+3+1]   UniProt T20905 UniProt UniProt ZNF668 (Zfp668) [13+3]   UniProt T20959 UniProt UniProt ZNF445 (ZKSCAN15, ZNF168, Zfp445) [12+2]   UniProt T20627 UniProt UniProt ZSCAN20 (KOX29, ZNF31, ZNF360) [4+6]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZSCAN20, isoform 1   UniProt T ZSCAN20, isoform 2   UniProt T ZNF426 (Zfp426) [1+11]   UniProt T19487 UniProt UniProt ZFP112 (ZNF112, ZNF228) [1+16]   UniProt T21386 UniProt UniProt ZFP112, isoform 1   UniProt T21385 ZFP112, isoform 2   UniProt T21387 ZNF606 (ZNF328, Zfp606) [2+14]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PRDM9 (PFM6) [1+12]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PRDM9, isoform 1 (Meisetz)   UniProt PRDM9, isoform 2 (Meisetz-S1) [0]   UniProt PRDM9, isoform 3 (Meisetz-S2) [0]   UniProt PRDM9, isoform 4 [0]   UniProt ZBTB17 (MIZ1, ZNF151, ZNF60) [12+1]   UniProt T17704 UniProt UniProt ZNF407 (Zfp407) [3+3+1+2+2+11]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt E4F1 (p120E4F, p50E4F) [3+6] TACGTCAC UniProt T02287 UniProt UniProt E4F1, isoform 1   UniProt T14957 E4F1, isoform 2   UniProt T26091 E4F1, isoform 3   UniProt T26092 E4F1, isoform 4 [3+1]   UniProt T26093 E4F1, isoform 5 [2+6]   UniProt T26094 ZNF462 (Zfp462) [1+2+2+1+3+1+1+3+2+1+4+5+1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PDB ZNF644 (ZEP2, Zfp644) [5+1+1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ADNP (ADNP1) = [4+3+2]   UniProt T21522 UniProt UniProt ADNP2 (ZNF508) = [1+1+1+1]   UniProt T19732 UniProt UniProt  
  2.3.5 Family: BED zinc finger factors TGTCGCGACA ZBED3   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBED4   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZBED6 (MGR)   UniProt T17368 UniProt ZBED6, isoform 1 (a)   UniProt T17346 ZBED6, isoform 2 (b)   UniProt T17365  
  2.4 Class: C6 zinc cluster factors TRANSFAC class description
  2.5 Class: DM-type intertwined zinc finger factors Class description Further information
  2.5.1 Family: DMRT TGATACATTGTTGC DMRT1   UniProt T10713 UniProt UniProt DMRT1, isoform 1 (a)   UniProt T10712 DMRT1, isoform 2 (b)   UniProt T26413 DMRT1, isoform 3 (d)   UniProt T26414 DMRT1, isoform 4 (c)   UniProt T26415 DMRT2   UniProt T10722 UniProt UniProt DMRT3   UniProt T10724 UniProt UniProt DMRTA1 (DMRT4)   UniProt T10728 UniProt UniProt DMRTA2 (DMRT5)   UniProt T10732 UniProt UniProt DMRTB1   UniProt T10730 UniProt UniProt DMRTC2   UniProt T10726 UniProt UniProt DMRTC1a (no DM domain!)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt DMRTC1a, isoform 1 (c)   UniProt T DMRTC1a, isoform 2 (b)   UniProt T DMRTC1a, isoform 3 (a)   UniProt T DMRTC1b (no DM domain!)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt DMRTC1c (no DM domain!)   UniProt T UniProt    
  2.6 Class: CXXC zinc finger factors Class description Further information
  2.6.1 Family: CpG-binding proteins CpG-binding protein (CXXC1, CFP1, CGBP, PCCX1, PHF18)   UniProt T19901 UniProt UniProt MBD1 (CXXC3, PCM1)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt MBD1, isoform 1 (a)   UniProt T MBD1, isoform 2 (b)   UniProt T MBD1, isoform 3 (d)   UniProt T MBD1, isoform 4   UniProt T MBD1, isoform 5   UniProt T TET1 (CXXC6, LCX)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt MLL (CXXC7, ALL1, HRX, HTRX, KMT2A, MLL1, TRX1)   UniProt T27835 UniProt UniProt PDB MLL, isoform 1   UniProt T27239 MLL, isoform 14P-18B   UniProt T27889 KDM2A (CXXC8, FBL7, FBXL11, JHDM1A)   UniProt T27843 UniProt UniProt KDM2A, isoform 1   UniProt T27346 KDM2A, isoform 2   UniProt T27920 KDM2A, isoform 3   UniProt T27921 DNMT1 (CXXC9, AIM, DNMT)   UniProt T27826 UniProt UniProt DNMT1, isoform 1 (long)   UniProt T27185 DNMT1, isoform 2 (short)   UniProt T27865 MLL2 (HRX2, KMT2B, WBP7, MLL4, TRX2)   UniProt T19083 UniProt UniProt  
  2.7 Class: C2HC zinc finger factors Class description Further information
  2.7.1 Family: Myelin transcription factor-related proteins AAGTT MYT1 (MyT1, MTF1, MYTI, PLPB1) [7]   UniProt T22947 UniProt UniProt PDB MYT1, isoform 1 (NZF-2b)   UniProt T25788 MYT1, isoform 2 (NZF-2a) [6]   UniProt T25789 MYT1, isoform 3 [6]   UniProt T26205 MYT1L (MyT1L, NZF-1) [6]   UniProt T27828 UniProt UniProt MYT1L, isoform 1   UniProt T27211 MYT1L, isoform 2   UniProt T27212 MYT1L, isoform 3 [0]   UniProt MYT1L, isoform 4 [2]   UniProt ST18 (ZNF387, NZF-3) [6]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt  
  2.7.2 Family: Friend of GATA proteins FOG1 (ZFPM1, ZFN89A) [5] =   UniProt T02334 UniProt UniProt FOG2 (ZFPM2, ZFN89B) [5] =   UniProt T18922 UniProt UniProtF  
  2.7.3 Family: Histone acetyltransferases with C2HC zinc finger MYST1 (KAT8, TIP60 protein 1) [1]   UniProt T27842 UniProt UniProt MYST1, isoform 1   UniProt T27345 MYST1, isoform 2 [0]   UniProt T27919 MYST2 (KAT7, TIP60 protein 2, HBO1, HBOa) [1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt MYST2, isoform 1   UniProt T MYST2, isoform 2   UniProt T MYST2, isoform 3   UniProt T MYST2, isoform 4   UniProt T MYST2, isoform 5   UniProt T MYST3 (KAT6A, TIP60 protein 3, RUNXBP2, ZNF220, MOZ) [1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt MYST4 (KAT6B, TIP60 protein 4, MORF, MOZ2) [1]   UniProt T UniProt MYST4, isoform 1   UniProt T MYST4, isoform 2   UniProt T KAT5 (HTATIP, TIP60) [1]   UniProt T27824 UniProt UniProt KAT5, isoform 1   UniProt T27282 KAT5, isoform 2   UniProt T27283 KAT5, isoform 3   UniProt T27284 KAT5, isoform 4   UniProt T27944  
  2.7.4 Family: Lethal(3)malignant brain tumor-related proteins L3MBTL1 (L3MBT, L3MBTL) [1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt  
  2.7.5 Family: LYAR-related proteins LYAR (PNAS-5) [2]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt  
  2.8 Class: C3H zinc finger factors Class description Further information
  2.8.1 Family: ZC3H8-related factors ZC3H8 (ZC3HDC8, FLIZ1) [3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZC3H4 [3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZC3H4, isoform 1   UniProt T ZC3H4, isoform 2   UniProt T ZC3H6 (ZC3HDC6) [3]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt ZC3H6, isoform 1   UniProt ZC3H6, isoform 2 [0]   UniProt    
  2.8.2 Family: ZGPAT-related factors ZGPAT (GPATC6, GPATCH6, ZC3H9, ZC3HDC9, ZIP) [1]   UniProt T27855 UniProt UniProt  
  2.8.3 Family: RC3H-related factors RC3H2 (Roquin-2, MNAB, RNF164) [1]   UniProt T UniProt UniProt  
  2.8.4 Family: CNOT4-related factors CNOT4 (NOT4) [1]   UniProt T27838 UniProt UniProt CNOT4, isoform 1   UniProt T27257 CNOT4, isoform 2   UniProt T27258 CNOT4, isoform 3   UniProt T27940  
  2.9 Class: C2CH THAP-type zinc finger factors Class description Further information
  2.9.1 Family: THAP-related factors TTGCCCGTACT THAP1   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PDB THAP2   UniProt T UniProt UniProt THAP3   UniProt T UniProt UniProt THAP4 (CGI-36, PP238)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt THAP4, isoform 1   UniProt T THAP4, isoform 2   UniProt T THAP7   UniProt T UniProt UniProt THAP11 (HRIHFB2206)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PRKRIR (P52RIPK, DAP4, THAP0)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt  

3 Superclass: Helix-turn-helix domains TRANSFAC class description
  3.1 Class: Homeo domain factors TRANSFAC class description Further information
  3.1.1 Family: HOX-related factors Subfamily: HOX1 TAATTA Hox-A1 (HOX1F, ERA-1) UniProt T01696 UniProt UniProt Hox-A1, isoform 1 (ERA-1-993)   UniProt Hox-A1, isoform 2 (ERA-1-399)   UniProt Hox-B1 (HOX2I)   UniProt T01720 UniProt UniProt PDB Hox-D1 (HOX4G)   UniProt T01750 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HOX2 TAATTA Hox-A2 (HOX1K) UniProt T13907 UniProt UniProt Hox-B2 (HOX2H) UniProt T19758 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HOX3 TAATTA Hox-A3 (HOX1E)   UniProt T00378 UniProt UniProt Hox-B3 (HOX2G) UniProt T01724 UniProt UniProt Hox-D3 (HOX4A) UniProt T03339 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HOX4 TTAATTAA Hox-A4 (HOX1D)   UniProt T01701 UniProt UniProtF Hox-B4 (HOX2F)   UniProt T01728 UniProt UniProt Hox-C4 (HOX3E)   UniProt T03340 UniProt UniProt Hox-D4 (HOX4B)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HOX5 TAATTA Hox-A5 (HOX1C)   UniProt T00377 UniProt UniProt Hox-B5 (HOX2A) UniProt T13933 UniProt UniProt Hox-C5 (HOX3D)   UniProt T03351 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HOX6-7 TAATTA Hox-A6 (HOX1B)   UniProt T03338 UniProt UniProt Hox-B6 (HOX2B)   UniProt T01733 UniProt UniProt Hox-C6 (HOX3C)   UniProt T25653 UniProt UniProt Hox-C6, isoform 1 (PRII)   UniProt T01744 Hox-C6, isoform 2 (PRI)   UniProt T01743 Hox-A7 (HOX1A)   UniProt T01278 UniProt UniProt Hox-B7 (HOX2C)   UniProt T01735 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HOX8 GTAATTA Hox-B8 (HOX2D)   UniProt T01737 UniProt UniProt Hox-C8 (HOX3A)   UniProt T01749 UniProt UniProt Hox-D8 (HOX4E) UniProt T UniProt UniProtF Subfamily: HOX9-13 TCGTAAA Hox-A9 (HOX1G)   UniProt T14354 UniProt UniProt PDB Hox-A9, isoform 1   UniProt T01710 Hox-A9, isoform 2 (T)   UniProt T04132 Hox-B9 (HOX2E)   UniProt T01739 UniProt UniProt Hox-C9 (HOX3B)   UniProt T03349 UniProt UniProt PDB Hox-D9 (HOX4C) UniProt T01755 UniProt UniProt Hox-A10 (HOX1H) UniProt T01715 UniProt UniProt Hox-A10, isoform 1   UniProt T09504 Hox-A10, isoform 2   UniProt T09505 Hox-C10 (HOX3I) UniProt T03350 UniProt UniProt Hox-D10 (HOX4D, HOX4E)   UniProt T01757 UniProt UniProt Hox-A11 (HOX1I) UniProt T01717 UniProt UniProt Hox-C11 (HOX3H) UniProt T03352 UniProt UniProt Hox-D11 (HOX4F) UniProt T01760 UniProt Hox-C12 (HOX3F) UniProt T03353 UniProt UniProt Hox-D12 (HOX4H) UniProt T01763 UniProt UniProt Hox-A13 (HOX1J) UniProt T03337 UniProt UniProtF PDB Hox-B13 UniProt T03802 UniProt UniProt PDB Hox-C13 (HOX3G) UniProt T03354 UniProt UniProt Hox-D13 (HOX4I) UniProt T01765 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: CDX (Caudal type homeobox) GGTAATAAA CDX-1 UniProt T01999 UniProt UniProtF CDX-2 (CDX-3)   UniProt T02002 UniProt UniProt CDX-4   UniProt T03245 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: EVX (Even-skipped homolog) CTAATTAG EVX-1 UniProt T02023 UniProt UniProt EVX-2 UniProt T16867 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: GBX (Gastrulation brain homeobox) CTAATTAG GBX-1 UniProt T16868 UniProt UniProt GBX-2 UniProt T04020 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: GSX TAATTA GSX-1 (GSH-1) UniProt T05100 UniProt UniProt GSX-2 (GSH-2) UniProt T17003 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: MNX ACTAATTA MNX1 (HB9, HLXB9) UniProt T03421 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: MEOX TAATTA MEOX-1 (MOX-1) UniProt T04047 UniProt UniProt MEOX-2 (MOX-2) UniProt T04048 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: PDX TAATTA PDX-1 (IPF-1) UniProt T02057 UniProt UniProt PDB
  3.1.2 Family: NK-related factors Subfamily: BARHL AACCAATTA BarH-L1 UniProt T03920 UniProt UniProt PDB BarH-L2 UniProt T16779 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: BARX TAATTA BARX-1 UniProt T02403 UniProt UniProt BARX-2   UniProt T11228 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: BSX TAATTA BSX-1 (BSX) UniProt T16798 UniProt UniProt BSX-1, isoform 1 (Bsxla)   UniProt T16797 BSX-1, isoform 2 (Bsxlb)   UniProt T16800 Subfamily: DBX TTAATTA DBX-1   UniProt T08090 UniProt UniProt DBX-2   UniProt T08092 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: DLX TAATTA DLX-1 UniProt T02006 UniProt UniProt PDB DLX-2 UniProt T02009 UniProt UniProt DLX-3 UniProt T02409 UniProt UniProt DLX-4 UniProt T03993 UniProt UniProt DLX-5 UniProt T03989 UniProt UniProt DLX-5, isoform 1 (α)   UniProt T08471 DLX-5, isoform 2 (β)   UniProt T17006 DLX-5, isoform 3 (γ)   UniProt T17007 DLX-6 UniProt T03990 UniProt UniProtF DLX-6, isoform 1   UniProt T14717 DLX-6, isoform 2   UniProt T26086 Subfamily: EMX CTAATTAG EMX-1 UniProt T02011 UniProt UniProt EMX-2 UniProt T02013 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: EN (Engrailed-like factors) CTAATTAG EN-1 UniProt T02016 UniProt UniProtF EN-2 UniProt T02020 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HHEX ATTAA HHEX (PRH)   UniProt T03417 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HLX TAATTAATTA HLX-1 (HB24)   UniProt T02053 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: LBX TTAATTAA LBX-1   UniProt T04315 UniProt UniProt LBX-2 UniProt T16903 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: MSX ACCAATTA MSX-1 (HOX7) UniProt T02072 UniProt UniProt PDB MSX-2 (HOX8) UniProt T02076 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NANOG CCATTT NANOG   UniProt   UniProt UniProt PDB NANOG, isoform 1   UniProt NANOG, isoform 2   UniProt Subfamily: NK-1 CTAATTAG NKX-1.1 (NKX1-1, SAX-2)   UniProt T16916 UniProt UniProt NKX-1.2 (NKX1-2, SAX-1)   UniProt T16801 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NK-2.1 CCACTTGA NKX-2.1 (NKX2-1, TTF-1)   UniProt T00859 UniProt UniProt PDB NKX-2.4 (NKX2-4, NK-2HD)   UniProt T16918 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NK-2.2 CCACTTGA NKX-2.2 (NKX2-2, NKX2B)   UniProt T02384 UniProt UniProt NKX-2.8 (NKX2-8, NKX2-9, NKX2G, NKX2H) UniProt T04338 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NK-3 AAGTACTT NKX-3.1 (NKX3-1, NKX3A) UniProt T04256 UniProt UniProt PDB NKX-3.2 (NKX3-2, NKX3B) UniProt T02667 UniProt UniProtF Subfamily: NK-4 CCACTTAA NKX-2.3 (NKX2-3, NKX2C, NKX4-3) UniProt T04325 UniProt UniProt NKX-2.5 (NKX2-5, NKX2E, NKX4-1, CSX)   UniProt T01675 UniProt UniProt PDB NKX-2.6 (NKX2-6, NKX2F, NKX4-2, CSX2)   UniProt T04342 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NK-5/HMX AGCAATTAA HMX-1 (H6, NKX5-3, NKX-5.3) UniProt T04444 UniProt UniProt HMX-2 (H6L, NKX5-2, NKX-5.2) UniProt T22946 UniProt UniProt HMX-3 (NKX5-1, NKX-5.1) UniProt T04446 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NK-6 AATAATTA NKX-6.1 (NKX6-1, NKX6A) UniProt T04269 UniProt UniProt NKX-6.2 (NKX6-2, NKX6B) UniProt T02050 UniProt UniProt NKX-6.3 (NKX6-3)   UniProt T16930 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NOTO NOTO UniProt T19770 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: TLX AATTAATA TLX-1 (HOX11, TCL-3)   UniProt T02055 UniProt UniProt TLX-2 (HOX11L1, NCX)   UniProt T04368 UniProt UniProt PDB TLX-3 (HOX11L2)   UniProt T04314 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: VAX TAATTA VAX-1 UniProt T03274 UniProt UniProt VAX-1, isoform 1   UniProt T14527 VAX-1, isoform 2   UniProt T26350 VAX-2 UniProt T03276 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: VENTX    
  3.1.3 Family: Paired-related HD factors Subfamily: ALX TTAATTAA ALX-1 (CART-1) UniProt T03999 UniProt UniProt ALX-3 UniProt T03343 UniProt UniProt ALX-4 UniProt T02967 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: ARGFX Subfamily: ARX TTAATTAA ARX   UniProt T16770 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: DMBX GGATTA DMBX (MBX, OTX-3, PAXB) UniProt T06253 UniProt UniProt DMBX, isoform 1   UniProt T11177 DMBX, isoform 2   UniProt T26087 Subfamily: DPRX Subfamily: DRGX DRGX (PRRXL1, Drg11) UniProt T19744 UniProt UniProt DRGX, isoform 1   UniProt T25980 DRGX, isoform 2 (Prrxl1-B)   UniProt T19743 Subfamily: DUX TCTAATTGAGAATTAC Subfamily: ESX TTAATTAA Subfamily: GSC GGATTA GSC UniProt T02047 UniProt UniProt GSC-2 UniProt T04039 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: HESX TAATTGAATTA HESX-1 UniProt T02785 UniProt UniProt PDB Subfamily: HOPX HOPX-1   UniProt T UniProt UniProt PDB Subfamily: ISX CTAATTAG ISX UniProt T17019 UniProt UniProt ISX, isoform 1   UniProt T17018 ISX, isoform 2   UniProt T26163 Subfamily: LEUTX Subfamily: MIX MIXL1 UniProt T04800 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: NOBOX CTAATTAG Subfamily: OTP TTAATTAA OTP   UniProt T16920 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: OTX GGGATTAA OTX-1 UniProt T02080 UniProt UniProt OTX-2 UniProt T02083 UniProt UniProt PDB CRX (CORD-2)   UniProt T03461 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: PHOX ATAATTAA PHOX-2A (ARIX, PMX2A) UniProt T02090 UniProt UniProt PHOX-2B (PMX2B) UniProt T03976 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: PITX GGGATTAA PITX-1 (BFT, PTX1) UniProt T02415 UniProt UniProt PITX-2 (ARP, RGS, RIEG1, Ptx2)   UniProt T09186 UniProt UniProt PDB Ptx2A   UniProt T02410 Ptx2B   UniProt T02412 Ptx2C   UniProt T17005 Ptx2Cα   UniProt T25959 Ptx2Cβ   UniProt T25960 PITX-3 (PTX3) UniProt T02666 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: PROP TTAATTAA PROP-1 UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: PRRX GCTAATTAGC PRRX-1 (PHOX1, PMX1) UniProt T02966 UniProt UniProt PRRX-1, isoform 1 (K2-a)   UniProt T02060 PRRX-1, isoform 2 (K2-b)   UniProt T02061 PRRX-2 (PMX2, PRX2) UniProt T01483 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: RAX CTAATTAG RAX (RX) UniProt T03502 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: RHOX CTAATTAG Subfamily: SEBOX SEBOX (OG-9)   UniProt T03309 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: SHOX TTAATTAA SHOX-2 (OG-12X, SHOT) UniProt T14734 UniProt UniProt SHOX-2, isoform 1 (OG12A)   UniProt T03310 SHOX-2, isoform 2 (OG12B)   UniProt T26289 Subfamily: TPRX Subfamily: UNCX TTAATTAA UNCX (Uncx4.1) UniProt T03307 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: VSX TTAATTAA VSX-1 (RINX) UniProt T16785 UniProt UniProt VSX-2 (HOX10) UniProt T02970 UniProt UniProt  
  3.1.4 Family: TALE-type homeo domain factors Subfamily: IRX (Iroquois) TACATGTA IRX-1   UniProt T04281 UniProt UniProt IRX-2 UniProt T14754 UniProt UniProt IRX-3 UniProt T02439 UniProt UniProt IRX-3, isoform 1   UniProt T11255 IRX-3, isoform 2   UniProt T26162 IRX-4   UniProt T04276 UniProt UniProt IRX-5 UniProt T04283 UniProt UniProt IRX-6   UniProt T08164 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: MEIS AGCTGTCAA Meis1 UniProt T09993 UniProt UniProt Meis1, isoform 1 (Meis1A)   UniProt T03388 Meis1, isoform 2 (Meis1B)   UniProt T03389 Meis1, isoform 3   UniProt T26190 Meis2 UniProt T11160 UniProt UniProt PDB Meis2A   UniProt T03405 Meis2B   UniProt T03407 Meis2C   UniProt T03408 Meis2D   UniProt T03409 Meis3 UniProt T03406 UniProt UniProt Meis3, isoform 1   UniProt T11188 Meis3, isoform 2   UniProt T25908 Subfamily: MKX (Mohawk) MKX (IRX-L1)   UniProt T UniProt UniProt Subfamily: PBX CATCAAT PBX-1   UniProt T08131 UniProt UniProt PDB PBX-1a   UniProt T03451 PBX-1b   UniProt T02088 PBX-2   UniProt T04127 UniProt UniProt PBX-3   UniProt T14296 UniProt UniProt PBX-3a   UniProt T04125 PBX-3b   UniProt T04126 PBX-4   UniProt T19780 UniProt UniProt PBX-4, isoform 1   UniProt T19779 PBX-4, isoform 2   UniProt T19781 Subfamily: PKNOX ACCTGTCAAT PKNOX-1 (PREP-1) UniProt T04121 UniProt UniProt PDB PKNOX-2 (PREP-2) UniProt T16934 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: TGIF AGCTGTCAAT TGIF-1 UniProt T04077 UniProt UniProt PDB TGIF-1, isoform 1   UniProt T10218 TGIF-1, isoform 2   UniProt T17016 TGIF-2 UniProt T16763 UniProt UniProt TGIF-2LX UniProt T UniProt UniProt PDB
  3.1.5 Family: HD-LIM factors AATTAA; Subfamily: ISL ATCAATTAA ISL-1 (Islet-1)   UniProt T09161 UniProt UniProt ISL-1, isoform 1 (α)   UniProt T06054 ISL-1, isoform 2 (β)   UniProt T06055 ISL-2 (Islet-2) UniProt T16901 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Lhx-1-like factors TTAATTAA Lhx1 (Lim-1)   UniProt T01961 UniProt UniProt Lhx5   UniProt T04181 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Lhx-2-like factors TAATTA Lhx2 (LH-2) UniProt T01969 UniProt UniProt Lhx9 UniProt T11357 UniProt UniProt PDB Lhx9, isoform 1 β   UniProt T04192 Lhx9, isoform 2 α   UniProt T04195 Lhx9, isoform 3   UniProt T25470 Lhx9, isoform 4   UniProt T26174 Subfamily: Lhx-3-like factors TAATTA Lhx3   UniProt T10879 UniProt UniProt Lhx3, isoform A   UniProt T01964 Lhx3, isoform B   UniProt T04840 Lhx4 UniProt T03542 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Lhx-6-like factors CTAATTAG Lhx6 (Lhx6.1) UniProt T05162 UniProt UniProt Lhx6, isoform 1 (Lhx6.1a)   UniProt T04187 Lhx6, isoform 2 (Lhx6.1b)   UniProt T04188 Lhx8 UniProt T11354 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: Lmx TTAATTAA Lmx-1α (LMX-1.1, LMX1A) UniProt T04300 UniProt UniProt Lmx-1β (LMX-1.2, LMX1B) UniProt T04303 UniProt UniProt  
  3.1.6 Family: HD-SINE factors GGTATCA Subfamily: SIX1-like factors GGGTATCA SIX1   UniProt T03262 UniProt SIX2   UniProt T03261 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: SIX3-like factors GGGTATCA SIX3   UniProt T09227 UniProt UniProt SIX3A (α)   UniProt T03263 SIX3B (β)   UniProt T03270 SIX6   UniProt T03272 UniProt UniProt Subfamily: SIX4-like factors GGTGTCA SIX4   UniProt T08392