The EndoNet resource

Many years ago, I noticed that there is no comprehensive database about the intercellular communication pathways via hormone, growth factors, cytokines etc. When I moved to UMG, I had the chance to pursue the idea to model the underlying knowledge domain in a database and to organize a corresponding project. The initial financial support was granted by the Land Niedersachsen1.

Thanks to the great enthusiasm of Dr. Anatolij Potapov and Jürgen Dönitz, we could soon come up with a first version of this database, and since it was mainly focussing on hormonal regulation, i. e. modeling the endocrine network, it was called EndoNet. The resource is freely available on the web (, and has been described in detail in two publications so far2, 3.

The most recent advances in the EndoNet project are part of our contribution to the LipdomicNet project.

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